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Tush is a minimal porn blog managed by a guy that seems to find some high quality porn every so often. When I say minimal – I really mean it. The design here shows pretty much nothing except for the content and a limited amount of information alongside that. If you’re not a fan of using TumView.com or are on a mobile, I’d definitely recommend this as the blog that you should be checking out above all the others. Especially since they have some pretty good content waiting for you on the other side.

Tush.Tumblr.com has a mixture of erotic content, casual BDSM stuff, artistic booties, chicks in yoga pants and some naughty videos to boot. Note that when it comes to hardcore material, Tush.Tumblr.com has very minimal content: this blog is very much about the admiration of the female form and they waste no time in showing off sexy women like you’ve never seen them before. I quite liked going through Tush and seeing all of their posts, so definitely chuck it a like and go through some of their 10,000+ archived reblogs.

Review Pros

  • Massive archive
  • Regular updates
  • Woman focused

Review Cons

  • Limited tag usage