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Mr. Porn Geek visits TS Escort Index

Howdy gang – Mr. Porn Geek back at it again and today, I’m writing up a review on TS Escort Index. Put simply, this is a website that’s 100% devoted to giving people access to transsexual erotic service providers who are more than willing to trade high quality sexual encounters for cold, hard cash. I’m not going to beat around the bush here: we all know what’s going on and my job is to write up a review of this place so you can know what to expect if you venture on over. Interested in learning more about TSEscortIndex.com? Keep reading below and I’ll give you all of the details!

The homepage at TS Escort Index

It’s always a wise idea to kick off reviews with a look at the homepage of whatever site you’re considering so naturally, I felt it was worth giving a bit of time to talk about TSEscortIndex.com and how it initially comes across. First off, we’ve got basically the entire content area devoted to various parts of North America, including most of the largest cities in the bigger states. California dominates the listings with over a dozen cities, including the likes of Long Beach, Palm Springs, San Diego and Ventura. Do note that the only other country covered here is Canada, with 4 listings for the most populated cities (Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver). If you’re reading this and you’re not in North America, there’s little reason for you to visit TS Escort Index!

Looking at the TS Escort Index samples

When looking at escorts in the United States, I always tend to focus on Las Vegas as my point of reference – if you’re doing well in sin city, chances are your other sections are going to be populated enough with quality shemales as well. When clicking on the Las Vegas section, you’ll be presented with a page that only features images and nothing else. The way that TS Escort Index works is basically aggregating posts from other websites and collecting them in one spot: it’s an interesting idea that turns the thrill into finding shemale escorts more toward a visual hunt as opposed to a text hunt. The images are listed in chronological order and one of the best features is the fact that you can see their advert history, promotion in other cities and associated phone numbers. This basically gives anyone looking for transsexuals who’re down for great escorting fun the ability to see whether profiles are legitimate or not. So far, so good for TS Escort Index.

A look at the profiles on TS Escort Index

One of the most recent posts for an escort in Las Vegas was this one featuring a gorgeous dark-skinned dominatrix. I decided it was best to pick this profile because she also advertises a Tumblr Blog with the name of Ethiopia Shakur – chances are she won’t be concerned about the additional publicity that Mr. Porn Geek brings her! She’s all about being harsh on the men she hosts and dares anyone to give her attitude when they’re together. According to her ads, this feisty transsexual escort is packing 8.5 inches of big black cock: I hope for your sake that you’re able to handle that much ebony shaft inside your tight butt because boy, you’re gonna need all the help you can get if not!

Anyway, the profiles show a bunch of images associated with the model, when it was posted and an original source link to the post on List Crawler (example for this post is here). I don’t think that TS Escort Index is actually working directly with any escorts and merely exists to archive and document advertisements, most likely to help people uncover profiles that are fake and/or misleading. I actually quite like the thumbnail master page for each city though and for me, that’s a big selling point for TS Escort Index. Not only is it giving you the chance to check previous adverts, but it allows you to see whether or not an escort is attractive based purely on her images.

What else TS Escort Index brings to the table

You’ll see at the top of each page that there’s a calendar option – I clicked on this and tried to get it to work, but it didn’t actually seem to do anything. Aside from that there is a flat search, but even basic keywords like ‘Asian’ or ‘MILF’ yield little to no results. I’ll be honest with you: the whole operation comes across as quite barebones and there aren’t too many bonus features, but I think it’s fair to say that this doesn’t matter all that much, since the main focus of the website is to archive and catalog the transsexual escort adverts, as opposed to make them easier for you to hunt. TS Escort Index is likely best used just to confirm Link Crawler submissions and yeah – other sites probably do a much better job of letting you know what’s what when it comes to the best shemale prostitutes in town.

Final thoughts for TS Escort Index

Like I said in the previous paragraph: the major selling point here is that it’s a great reference for adverts to make sure that they’re legitimate, but the website has very few features and is basically just a library service for people who are serious about honest transsexual escort hunting. The design is acceptable and so is the loading speed, but I’m unconvinced that many people will want to spend their whole lives here looking for escorts. The limit to North America is a small drawback, but if you are American or Canadian and like an image-based display for transsexual escorts in your area, this is the website for you.

Review Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Image-based adverts
  • Good database
Review Cons
  • Limited search functionality
  • North America only