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If you’ve checked out all of the other torrent search engines I’ve mentioned but haven’t found one that tickles your fancy, I might recommend you check out Torrents Group. I don’t think it’s all that great, but I suppose you might! I’ll quickly mention that while it does have an adult section, Torrents Group isn’t 100% committed to adult torrents, so you’re going to get a mixture of material if you search from the home page. Thankfully, this site has a category devoted to adult material, so it’s easy to filter the exact scenes you want.

By default, torrents are displayed based upon upload date, although you can use the dropdown to switch to number of seeds pretty easily. What’s interesting is that most of the torrents on this site are incredibly well seeded – other sites max out at 1,000 seeders, whereas Torrents Group has plenty with over 2,000 – some over 4,000! Clips are a mixture of amateur and professional, but I’d say around 90% of them are produced by Western porn studios such as Teens Love Black Cocks and My Girl Loves Anal. Good site, to be honest – if you want torrents, you ought to pay it a visit.

Review Pros

  • Lots of seeds
  • Adult section

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • Needs sub-torrent sections
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