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TopEscortBabes – too good to be true?

TopEscortBabes has fucking loads of sexy escorts waiting to meet up with you! I’ve reviewed many escort sites in the past and one of the big things missing on a lot of escort sites is a professional design. I can let a shit design slide on a porn site, as long as the porn is good. However, on an escort site, you are actually paying money for these girls, so the site itself needs to look great. An escort site is basically a shop and its shopfront needs to advertise their services perfectly. It is no good relying on the girls to do your advertising here. Without a trustworthy looking site, we ain’t going to use any of your escorts.

Thankfully, I am pleased to say that TopEscortBabes looks fucking stunning! TopEscortBabes looks as good as the escorts themselves and let me tell ya, lads, these escorts are fucking fine! So far, I have only been on the UK part of this escort site, but I am in fucking love! I didn’t realise how many sexy women were in the UK! That’s probably because I am not allowed outside any more. Honestly, you kidnap a few people and burn them and all of a sudden you’re a criminal and deserve to rot in prison, what is wrong with a few beers on a Friday night?

Anyway, TopEscortBabes definitely looks fucking amazing but what is it like to use? Can this escort site stand up to the competition and be the best escort site we have ever reviewed?  Well, grab your shovel and your face mask, we’re calling in an escort for a damn good time! Get your mind out of the fucking gutter, we’re going to have a treasure hunt!

The feel of TopEscortBabes

As I said, the design of TopEscortBabes is very good. It looks really professional and all of the escort images are laid out really nicely. They have escorts all over the world and their search options make it very quick to find a girl in your area, all pluses so far.

The feel of TopEscortBabes, I must say, is really good too. The pages of escorts take hardly any time to load and everything just feels really good to use. One thing I love about the feel of this site is how quickly you can find out information about each escort. Just hover over their photo, and their bio comes up. This tells you about the sexy girl you’re looking at and all of their kinks. I really like this. With some escort sites, you have to go on every fucking escort’s page to find out about them, but TopEscortBabes has made it quick and easy to see if the escorts are down for using a strap on, I mean going on a treasure hunt, of course!

The escorts on TopEscortBabes

As I also said, the escorts on TopEscortBabes are fucking sexy as fuck! I am currently on the Birmingham (UK) page, and these girls are incredible. I didn’t know there were so many sexy girls in Birmingham, I thought they were all miners with missing teeth!

At the top of the escorts page for each city, you can find the top-rated escorts from this city. These are the girls that look the best, fuck the best, and make the best treasure hunters. They are all VIPs on the site and they are ranked on the site too. This is a great touch from TopEscortBabes. It’s nice to see that you can be an escort and still be eligible for an employee of the month award!

Something I will say about the escorts on TopEscortBabes is that they are pretty fucking expensive. As I said, I’ve reviewed a lot of escort sites and the escorts on here have the highest rates I’ve seen. I know that this isn’t TopEscortBabes’ fault, but I was quite shocked at the price of some of the girls. One girl was £2,200. That’s like $200,000 or something! This isn’t a negative thing I guess, if the escorts are being paid that much, you have to expect that you are in for one of the best fucking nights of your miserable life!

Is there anything to add to TopEscortBabes?

TopEscortBabes has a page called “pornstar escorts” you can actually fuck a pornstar on this site. However, before you get all excited, you ain’t gonna find the likes of Lana Rhoades on here. In fact, I have searched the pornstar escorts site in both the UK and America and haven’t found a single pornstar that I recognise yet. There are also only about 20 pornstar escorts in both countries. I would love TopEscortBabes to add more of these escorts. I know it might not be easy to get pornstars interested in this, but could you imagine if this escort site had access to some high-quality porn pussy! That would push this escort site over the fucking edge of coolness!

The Geek’s final thoughts on TopEscortBabes

I really enjoyed TopEscortBabes. The escort I hired had a lovely time digging for treasure in my garden and thankfully she didn’t dig up any of the bones out there, she was a tough one to bury though, perhaps I should of ordered a skinnier one.

Honestly, if you are looking for an escort, TopEscortBabes is a great site to use. It looks trustworthy, works very well and feels like a place to find a sexy lady to play tennis with or whatever you want to do with an escort cos you can’t fuck em cos that’s illegal, sir! TopEscortBabes is a top-notch escort service. A lot of the girls have high prices but if you want the best pinball player as your next partner, you gotta pay for it!

If TopEscortBabes could find more pornstars to add to their pornstar escort section, this escort service would be fucking incredible! I’d love to go bowling with a pornstar!

Review Pros

  • Lots of escorts
  • Great design
  • Easy to use

Review Cons

  • Can be expensive