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Tiny Nibbles is the official blog of Violet Blue, a sexpert of sorts that devotes her time to discussions and musings of an erotic nature. I haven’t actually done a heap of research into Violet Blue myself, but as far as I understand it, we’re pretty much on the same page about all things sex. That said, she does have some opinions on privacy and criticism that I disagree with, but that’s a story for another day.

Her blog is a mixture of erotic content, discussions of sex in the media (everything from celebrity tapes through to revenge porn) and adult literature. She tends to update her blog about three times a week and has done so for a long time, meaning that her archive is full of discussions, suggestions and the like on a range of adult topics. For me, this is one of the better personality blogs out there, with the author doing everything in her power to give a voice to others, discuss important topics and generally be on point about the adult industry. Violet Blue is LGBT friendly and has a number of categories where different topics are discussed.

Review Pros
  • Regular updates
  • Reasonable blog
Review Cons
  • Some bad views on privacy
  • Lawsuit happy