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TikTokPorn on Reddit: any good?

What’s in a name? I ask not because of any moral concern I’m having – more just the fact that TikTokPorn on Reddit is a pretty good subreddit, but it’s strayed pretty damn far from what the original concept of the place was. Today, I’m going to tell you all about what this particular spot has to offer and why you might want to visit. It’s big and popular – but that doesn’t always convert into being decent. MrPornGeek has spent a few hours looking at /r/TikTokPorn and now, it’s time for me to tell you about all what I’ve uncovered. Continue reading for my complete, professional analysis on this porn subreddit.

Initial information on TikTokPorn

So like I said: this area was originally reserved for thirst trap videos on TikTok that girls uploaded that were really teasing. From time to time, a girl with a TikTok account and an OnlyFans would fuse two of her scenes together, adding the TikTok logo to make it seem like it’s legitimate. As you probably know, TikTok doesn’t allow for adult content, so the best place to go to share this type of thing was Reddit. Nowadays, pretty much any video can be uploaded to the subreddit – it can be straight-up porn. They say that as long as it’s a ‘TikTok style’ it’s good to go, but I think the simple fact is that most girls upload vertically shot, short scenes and then call it a day.

The OnlyFans epidemic

I looked at the top posts on TikTokPorn and find that almost all of them came from girls who were promoting OnlyFans profiles. Some were for free, others were a monthly fee – there are also PPVs too, which I’m not a fan of. What I will say is that if you’re here for some short and fun clips that you might bust over, it’s great. That said, there’s a distinct lack of amateur material on the subreddit – it’s all teen girls sharing videos and doing silly stuff to garner attention for their OnlyFans. I also noticed that there’s a bunch of solo girl material here – a lot of these OF girls on TikTokPorn aren’t interested in having hardcore sex, which I think is an absolute joke. Can you just show yourself getting pounded, please?

Final word on TikTokPorn

So, when all is said and done, how do I feel about this particular subreddit? It’s great – but only if you’re into the type of content that it already has. The simple fact of the matter is that /r/TikTokPorn isn’t really focused much on TikTok at all, and it’s just another copy and paste subreddit that adult accounts use to share OnlyFans material. Reddit has gone downhill over the last few years because of this, and it disappoints me. Maybe in the future something will change, who knows. All I can say for sure is that /r/TikTokPorn is okay, but doesn’t get much past that point. Happy jerking, you filthy animals.

Review Pros
  • Free clips
  • Regular updates
  • High average quality
Review Cons
  • All OF promotions
  • Strict rules