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My review of The Cuckold

Cuck has become the insult of choice for people on the Internet these days. Guys just can’t get enough of accusing their enemies of watching their loved ones getting fucked by others and for many, it’s likely a projection that they love the idea themselves that they’re trying to pass off as being wrong, immoral or weird so that they don’t have to feel bad about it. Today, I’m writing up a review on a destination that goes by the name of The Cuckold and by all accounts, I’m expecting it to live up to the expectations that the title suggests. Want to know whether is the right place for you? Continue reading as I put this amateur community through its paces.

My initial experiences at The Cuckold

After a brief introduction to the history of the word cuckold, you’re given a choice of languages to pick from. The Cuckold supports English, Italian, French, Spanish and German at the moment, although it may expand on those in the future. One weird thing I came across was that the website has two English versions – one for British English and another for American English. The different language displays themselves are exactly the same and the content doesn’t change – just a few rare words that are different in both languages. Slightly strange that they’ve got this two-tier system, but yeah: I guess cuckolds aren’t exactly known for their normality, so I don’t know what I was expecting!

Anyhow, the real homepage of the site kicks off with a display on the latest content added to the website (including both videos and pictures) as well as sections for various content areas for different categories. It’s probably a good idea to detail those before exploring elsewhere, so let me talk about the sections on that you might check out.

Image Categories at The Cuckold

So first up, you’ve got an area here at The Cuckold which is devoted to cumshots and nothing else – it’s exactly what you might expect, images of girls being covered in cum and sometimes, photographs of tributes that contributors to the website have decided to add to the platform. Other areas here include content which features women in public getting nude and rude as well as a focus entirely on photographs of the ass. They’re a mixed bunch at The Cuckold and don’t mind content coming from a lot of different places. One thing I did notice here is that it’s all real amateur stuff: nothing that features people who are paid to do what they do – just genuine hotwife action with babes who love being exposed on the Internet!

The community that The Cuckold has

It was clear to me after using this website for about 15 minutes that the major selling point is the community element of The Cuckold: you’ve got profiles, comments, friends lists and a bunch of other things that allow you to interact with others. For some porn sites, it’s just about getting your end away and nothing else, but The Cuckold seems to be a little bit more focused when it comes to how it shares its material. It feels like everyone’s getting together to enjoy the experience and it’s like a communal location to get porn and share ideas. There are also stories on the site if you want to write up a little something that others can read.

I’ll state here that as far as I can tell, almost all of The Cuckold’s users are based in Italy. I noticed the flags attached to most of the images were Italian and the erotic stories had 3,000+ in that language, with only 10 being offered in English. If you’re not in the country of pizza and spaghetti you might have a little fun here but truth be told, it certainly comes across as a destination for those that are Italian and want to explore themes and experiences while in Italy. One part of The Cuckold that will be very attractive to our Italian friends is the ability to post real-life interactions and meetups – let me discuss this a little more.

Last Minute & On Holiday at The Cuckold

Whether you’re a couple, single woman or a bull that’s looking to partake in a little cuckolding, this community has a feature that allows you to list your profile and exactly what it is that you’re hunting. It’s great for people that just like having a casual approach to the lifestyle and you can even submit your own ‘last minute’ post if you’re looking to get involved with something. You’ll additionally find a clubs and events page, so if there’s ever a meetup or swinger’s party in any part of the world, it’ll be posted there for you to check out. Finally, The Cuckold has a groups and gangbang area: want to get involved with a girl who’s looking to be taken to the limit? Look there for potential ways to enjoy yourself in a group setting!

My verdict on The Cuckold

If you’re Italian and you’re into the cuckold or hotwife scene, I can’t really think of a more appropriate website for you to be a member of. It’s a large community devoted to a specific topic and the community nature of this place is great for people that want to get involved with the cuckolding lifestyle and go the absolute distance with it. For people elsewhere in the world – there are some good content sources here, but you might be slightly disappointed that The Cuckold doesn’t have a bigger community in the likes of Australia, the United States or Canada. Definitely check out the forums and some of the posts though: they have what is likely one of the most legitimate sources of amateur porn on the Internet and better yet, it’s 100% free for you to sign up and enjoy!

Review Pros

  • Free website
  • Lots of amateur content
  • Great community aspect

Review Cons

  • Focused in Italy
  • Some category issues