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SmutStone Preview

One of my girlfriends wouldn’t stop talking about Smut Stone and said I really needed to try it out for myself. Actually what she said was “the next time you want to play with yourself, do it RIGHT with one of the best erotic games ever produced!” hahaha. Smut Stone takes all the excitement and action of top quality CCG (collectable card game) titles like Hearthstone or Artifact and mixes it with the passion and intensity that only comes from enjoying world class erotic art. Each card is carefully crafted to be fully functional for fast and effective gameplay, and complete sexual satisfaction simultaneously.

SmutStone Review

People are always saying that there are different strokes for different folks. The strokes here are Family Strokes, and for people who are into family roleplay porn, there is a lot here to keep them occupied. What I like about this site is that even though there are not too many porn movies here, I want to keep watching the ones I see over and over again. We all have our favorite pornstars, and a few of mine are Piper Perri, Kenzie Reeves, and Cadey Mercury. All three of these gorgeous porn babes are here, and many other top porn actresses are featured as well. The video count is small, but the quality is high.

From the elven erotic Lepirchaun squatting over her pot-o-gold, to the perfect pink nipples of your new favorite Earth Elemental card, to adorable Snow White showing off her tight ass while she feasts on a forbidden fruit and the erotically aquatic Ms. Undine… there are so many amazing fantasy card characters for you to savor.

Unlock Your Libido And Exciting New Characters

Perhaps best of all, you can’t quite access all of the cards when you first start playing. They unlock as you make progress through the story driven campaign. So each time you play you get sexy new heroes delivered to your screen that can spark an entirely different set of roleplaying fantasy adventures in game and outside the game as you discover the joys of erotic CCG for yourself.

The devs release new cards often, and each has its own unique illustrations along with fascinating game play actions. Dig deep to develop your own winning strategy and challenge others to beat you at what is quickly becoming one of the most popular CCGs of all time. Smut Stone is awesome.

 SmutStone Bonus Content

Unlike traditional pornsites, sexy games like Smut Stone are overflowing with amazing bonus content. At the very start you have a full deck of erotic cards in your arsenal for quality game play, and over time as you win battles you acquire plenty of bonus cards you can also use in your next battles throughout the campaign while destroying your enemies by having your erotic soldiers fighting for you at every step of the way.

Smut Stone also includes gorgeous “cut scenes” celebrating each battle’s completion with a continuing storyline illustrated by award winning artists. Why defeat your enemy and move on to the next battle, when you can take a moment to see them stripped naked so you can make your point much deeper by fucking them properly in animated XXX action once and for all!

SmutStone Discounts

With Smut Stone you are getting much more than a rudimentary discount. The game is actually 100% free to play, and just the demo levels alone are enough to whet your whistle. As the game progresses you do have the option to purchase cards via IAP like many games on the IOs app store or in Android Play – however you never need to pay a penny for anything because the game is always fully playable with just the cards you win for free. Smut Stone is not “pay to play” or “pay to win”, though you can make your deck strong faster if you choose to purchase additional cards and want to speed up the growth curve a bit.

The Best of SmutStone

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Smut Stone is built on the shoulders or popular games that came before it. The game developers have seen, learned from and found creative ways to expand on the digital CCG genre. The interface is slick, game play rules are solid and because of that Smut Stone is re-playable on a virtually infinite basis because each game is so different and the campaign is so vibrant.

The artwork really is something special. Instead of trying to break new ground with 3D images or VR, the art direction of Smut Stone is all about making traditional erotic art even better. Terrific illustrations, creative content and each card more alluring than the last make SmutStone the premier Erotic Digital CCG online today.

What If I’m New To SmutStone?

Whether you are just new to Smut Stone itself, or are new to all CCG games more generally, you can relax and breathe easy. As soon as you will see from the first moment you visit the Smut Stone site, the entire game guide is built directly into the storyline of the campaign itself.

All of that makes it super simple to get started, with easy tool tip instructions, highlighted examples of what you can do next, and a wealth of options all available from the loading screen forward at every step along the way. It’s nearly impossible to get confused by the gameplay, and the style of the tutorial format is as fun as the game itself with snarky commentary, sexy artwork and fun gaming choices to be made frequently throughout the startup process. 

The Worst of SmutStone

As with any good game that works on your phone, tablet or desktop device, you probably want to set a timer for yourself as a reminder of when you should go do something else. Good games all share an addictive element of game play that brings you back to them and holds your attention longer than you probably should keep playing.

Obviously the sexy nature of Smut Stone makes it a game for Adults Only, but even as a twenty, thirty, forty or eighty year old, it can be hard to responsibly put the game down and go about your other business of the day. When I play I usually set a timer for about an hour, so I don’t run out of daylight before doing the rest of what I need to get done each day.

The Bottom Line about SmutStone

If you are into CCG gaming with titles like Magic The Gathering, Shadow Era, Pokemon, Hearthstone, Artifact or any of the other thousands of quality games on the market AND you are an adult over the age of 18, Smut Stone is about to become your new favorite erotic mobile gaming title. The combination of XXX hardcore action, quality game play and fast updating nature of the new cards often released to help you build an even better deck are a compelling choice for any hardcore adult gamer looking to earn victory while making every enemy a sticky orgasmic mess after defeating her!

Review Pros

  • Great Game Design
  • Excellent Erotic Artwork
  • Infinitely Re-playable

Review Cons

  • Easy to Learn Hard To Master