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If you ask any guy what he likes, chances are it’s going to be food, pussy, video games and of course, something that’s fucking funny.

Mr. Porn Geek is here to address that last one right now because there are a number of destinations out there on the big old Internet that seek to provide you with the highest quality porn that happens to be funny too.

We’re talking fucking funny funny fucking – that sentence might confuse you, but it’s actually grammatically correct. Anyway, less nonsense, let’s talk about what you get at

The homepage has the latest scenes that they’ve uploaded to the site, although there are occasions when they host things from third party sources such as and Donk Party.

The scenes on the homepage right now include a hot cheerleader taking it doggy style, some dude cumming in about 5 seconds and of course, the classic ‘oops, I fucked you in the ass when I was aiming for the pussy’ trick.

There’s plenty of funny porn here and for my money, the site design makes it one of the easier places around to get your hands on the comedic stuff. Especially when you consider that they have a few categories too – that makes it a hell of a lot easier to find the type of funny porn that you’re after.

The categories include beach, Asian, bizarre, ass, group sex, lesbians and more. They also have a ‘cool category’ where crazy stuff goes, such as a chick with huge tits doing a skydive, a girl driving a car while jerking a cock and of course, some hot looking preppy sluts giving the most wild handjob that results in a massive load.

Shoosh Time has a few adverts on the site, but honestly, it’s not the end of the world – especially considering that a lot of these places need to make some cash in order to survive! You might also want to look at their galleries if you’re interested in images, although I doubt that many people will be.

Shoosh Time is all about funny porn videos and of course, clips that make you want to bust a nut. Happy jerking my friends, and stay tuned for more funny porn site reviews here at Mr. Porn Geek.

Review Pros

  • Hand-picked content
  • Nice design

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  • Slow to update