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Be sure to visit Mr. Porn Geek’s list of hentai sites if you only want the best of the best when it comes to anime porn. I’ve got reviews on Toon Pass, Hentai TV and more!~

Fans of hentai won’t be at all missing out on a regular stream of sites that Mr. Porn Geek has checked out and verified: just take a look at and see that when it comes to finding good places for adult comics with a sexy twisty, I’m the go-to guy. When you hit the homepage of Shentai, you’ll see a list of various categories at the top of the site that you can look around. There’s 3D, Western, Incest and other niches combined with specific archives for sites like MILFTOON and Y3DF. With almost daily releases, you’re not going to struggle to find something good to enjoy when you come here. has been in business since 2011 and that’s a badge of honor they wear with pride. Honestly, given how cut throat the hentai biz is, I don’t fault Shentai for wanting to brag just a teeny tiny bit about their longevity online. Their comics are free of charge of course but you can support the site by buying a premium account. What’s in it for you? I’m glad you asked – you get to download any of the Shentai comics without any kind of restrictions at an incredibly high speed too! We all know nothing kills the mood faster than a slow download so that problem is solved right there!

If you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll be underwhelmed by the site design. They didn’t really put any effort into it probably because they’re saving all their efforts for the actual content you’re there to see. When it comes to that content, Shentai certainly doesn’t disappoint. Their comics are pretty huge too and you can check out each one’s size and how many pages each has before downloading them. You get a few preview images of each comic before committing to reading them but no summary of what the comic is about. They also generously link to comics similar or related to what you’re reading. This is such a huge time saver!

It is worth noting that not all of the content provided at Shentai is in English – some is in Japanese, whereas others are published in Portuguese. I imagine that a lot of you guys are going to be interested in Japanese content, and they have quite a good collection here. But if Western is more of your thing, then you too are very well taken of on this site. They’ve certainly covered all their bases by including everything from face sitting busty babes through to giantess schoolgirls with sexy feet – it’s a little kinky, but I don’t think that’s going to bother the vast majority of porn comic readers that come to my site. In fact, you’re probably here because you like your porn a little right of the kinky line which means whatever they have here is right up your lane. I pride myself in only recommending the best toon porn sites out there and this destination fits that to a T so why are you still reading this?

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  • Daily updates
  • Categorized
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  • Poor site design
  • Not all English