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MrPornGeek checks out SheGods?

SheGods is a very clever name for this porn site as it is all about transgender ladies. These trans ladies get into a lot of naughty adventures on this porn site from wanking themselves off to getting fucked extremely hard in their behind lady parts, they do it all and enjoy doing it. With probably the most care I’ve ever taken in a review so that I don’t offend any cunt, grab your poppers, your bra and your boxer shorts and lets (carefully) review this trans porn site, shall we?

The porn on SheGods

I must say that the porn on this trans porn site is pretty good. However, it is fucking short! Most of the examples I tried on this porn site were under 10 minutes long. This is a real shame as there isn’t much else that SheGods has going for it. If this site had the porn, then everything would’ve been forgiven, but the porn really isn’t up to par with even the likes of PornHUb, which I have just checked, and there’s shit loads of trans porn on there!

The design of SheGods

The design of this porn site is really lacking a lot of shit. Firstly, the background is just a shitty yellow colour that really makes the site look and feel unprofessional. You then have the layout of the porn which is neat and tidy, but there are no descriptions, nothing telling you about the duration of the video, fuck all. If you hover over a porn video, a description comes up, but that’s hardly good for mobile users. There also isn’t much on the site other than the porn. There isn’t any categories, a pornstar directory, nothing at all!

If SheGods update their design, made it modern and feel nice, they may also be able to include the many things currently missing from the design. They could also include some long HD porn cos right now there’s fuck all of that either! Sorry, SheGods, the porn you have is fine, the design you have is less than fine, you need to up your game quite a lot with pretty much everything!

Is SheGods godly?

No, sadly SheGods is not godly. It is such as shame as I thought the name of this porn site was really fucking clever (a bit below the belt as trans ladies are finally nearing the end of their lives being known as shemales, but I liked it). However, the name can’t make up for such a poorly designed website. The porn videos on SheGods do load quickly, but that is likely because SheGods doesn’t have good quality thumbnails or long HD porn getting in the way of buffering.

I think SheGods has a lot of potential and could be the trans version of a tube site like PornHub one day, but it doesn’t have the content or the face for that right now! If SheGods tried a little harder, I may have got hard on this site.

Review Pros

  • Lots of tranny porn
  • Some HD porn

Review Cons

  • Bad thumbnails
  • Short videos