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I like big butts and I cannot lie

Anyone that has spent any amount of time looking for ebony porn knows that videos starring these babes always seem to focus on one thing: the booty. What I’m going to share with you now is a tube site that only wants to look at black girls with fat asses – that top quality bubble butt from thicc chicks with ass for days. It functions pretty much like every other streaming website out there, but yeah: it’s only going to show you what happens when fat booty bitches find a dick that they wanna get on top of. Great concept, but is it actually any good? Hell yeah!

The homepage showcases scenes that are currently being watched, but I highly recommend using the links to display the top rated and most viewed black porn clips. That way, you’ll have no problems seeing the very best material that the site has provided. Note that all of the videos in the top rated area are decided by viewers of the site, so if you think something doesn’t quite fit into the top list, don’t hesitate to give it a lower rating. After all, your quest for the best free ebony entertainment should be an interactive experience!

Got PAWGs?

Earlier I said shegotass is all about black chicks but allow me to amend that sentence a tad. Its mostly about chocolate honeys with fine booties but every once in a while a phat ass white girl slips through the cracks and lands here. Hey, if she’s got a Nicki Minaj ass, she’s more than welcome here. This crowd doesn’t see color, they only see ass.

Flat booty chicks not welcome here

I do have some beef with though and its twofold. One, the site organization is a mess. Its like they just throw anything and everything on the homepage and just hope that something sticks. And two, I saw a couple of chicks that have no business being on shesgotass being they ain’t got no ass. I saw this chick with a behind as flat as a surf board and she was trying to twerk! If a site has a name like shegotass, I honestly expect every single girl appearing on the site to have a big butt.

Make that ass clap

Thankfully, the flat booty babes were in the minority and the majority of the babes on she got ass really were packing back there. We’re talking booties so big and thick you could sit a cup on them and it wouldn’t move. But wait, there’s more – these home girls could make their big asses do all kinds of things, they could make them clap, jiggle, bounce and so on. You don’t know what living is until you see a big booty babe drop it low and pick it back up. Watching that phat ass dip that low will have you speaking in tongues and calling on Jesus.

Most of the girls featured in the she got ass videos are amateurs. They’re freaky as hell and want to show off all that thickness. Maybe they’re hoping to catch a sugar daddy, who knows with all these ghetto whores? What your boy Mr. Porn Geek knows is that these bubble booty starlets know how to get down when it comes to D time. They suck cock like they’re in some kind of cock sucking olympics but they save the best performance for when the camera is aimed at their thick cakes. You should see how good those big booties look as dicks slam into them.

Drowning in ass but its so worth it

“Damn shesgotass” is a phrase you’ll be murmuring over and over again as you browse through the collection here. I suggest you take a second and check out each category individually. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much good porn is available here. And if you’re so inclined, feel free to join the community of big booty lovers. It doesn’t cost you a thing and it opens up certain features that are available to members only. If you love big booties, checking this tube site out is a no-brainer.

Review Pros

  • Lots of ass
  • Hot amateur babes

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • Limited HD material