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MrPornGeek checks out SextPanther

SextPanther looks to be a really fun sexting site that you can find loads of horny men and women on. If I am correct, cos I am still figuring this site out, the sexting on this site could be some of the best action I have had in years with women that look hot as all fuck! If I am wrong, then this site could just full of ugly, old women sat in a house made of plywood somewhere in Albania.

I am going to get into how SextPanther works in a bit because it is a little confusing and certainly throws up a few questions! Right now, I ain’t sure whether Sext Panther knows that the way they describe their services means that we could be getting this shit for free or whether that is a mistake on my part. As I haven’t slept in 30 years because of all the cock-hardening porn I look at during my working day, it is likely that I am wrong, but let’s delve deep into the (possibly) sexy pussy of this porn site and find out what the fuck is going on, shall we?

How SextPanther works

Right, step one on SextPanther is to create an account and sign up. When you do this, you get $5 free credit to use to message and get photos and videos from the sexy ladies and men on the site. So, far, so sexy. Step two, find one of these hot fuckers that you want to message and add their SextPanther phone number to your contacts. From there, you can sext until the cow comes home, catches you at it and divorces you.

I assume that SextPanther gives everyone their own phone number. If they don’t, then once you have spent a dollar of your free £5 credit to get someone’s number, surely it then becomes free to message them? Oh yeah, it costs money to do anything on Sext Panther, by the way. So, the users set their value. Some people charge $5 for a photo (the most expensive I have seen is $15, so far) most ladies charge $1 a minute for a photocall and a dollar for messaging. Some cunt was trying to charge $15 a minute for calls, she better get me off in under thirty seconds mate, come on love, the clock’s ticking.

So, I am guessing that SextPanther gives everyone their own number that they then use to track how much you owe everyone. This is the only way SextPanther could work and earn money. I would also assume that SextPanther gets a cut from each model when someone buys their shit.

The community on SextPanther

I have been exploring SextPanther for a while, and the community on it seems good. There are some really hot ladies on here. Basically, these girls look like cam models, probably because most of them are. They look great, their profiles turn you on and so that is all good stuff. You can also find pornstars on SextPanther too. Now, the pornstar’s profiles on Sext Panther are all written as though someone else is in charge of their account. This is a little worrying as you can call them and speak to them. So, if you call Andi James, are you actually going to get a dude called Jeff who smokes 40 a day? I’m a bit confused by the pornstar profiles, to be honest, cool they are on here though!

For the ladies, there are a dick load of men with massive cocks and bulging muscles for you to chat with. Of course, I am sure the ladies on this site would love to chat with you too, and the thought of you lovely ladies speaking with these scantily clad hotties does turn me on a lot!

The slightly annoying features on SextPanther

There are a few annoying features about Sext Panther that are driving me a bit crazy. Firstly, the design and styling of this sexting site are perfect, you nailed that shit. But I am using SextPanther on my laptop, and I can’t view more than one girl’s profile at a time. Why? Why can’t I message three girls at once? It’s my fucking money and if I want to spunk it up the wall by chatting to three sexy models at once, why aren’t I allowed?

I do like that SextPanther allows the models to have 6 photos on their profile, of course, it would be amazing if they had limitless amounts of photos on their profile, but they need to keep some shit hidden, so you buy their shit, I understand that. However, there are still some nagging features about SextPanther that I don’t quite like, I’ll explain more below.

The Geek’s final thoughts on SextPanther

Right, I love a bit of sexting, who don’t, but you could build up a huge bill on Sext Panther! Every minute that you spend talking, messaging, photoing and videoing with the sexy models on this site is going to cost, but fuck it, that is the nature of business. However, what is wrong with going on free dating sites, meeting hot chicks in your area and sexting them? You may even meet them and fuck them, for free!

While I really like the design, styling and hot chicks on SextPanther, there are some annoying features too. However, I can’t stop this feeling of perhaps Sext Panther isn’t needed. You can be sexted for free! It is easy, so why the fuck do you need to go on SextPanther and find a sexting partner (no matter how fucking hot she is) that is going to cost you a dick load of money. I do really like this sexting site, and I bet it is great fun, particularly because of the pornstar aspect. But I still feel that this sexting site is just the new premium phone line shit and that only fuckers that used them would be interested in this sexting site.

Review Pros
  • Hot ladies and men
  • Worldwide
  • Lovely design
  • Loads of activity
Review Cons
  • Annoying features