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Sexting forum fun

Sexting might not be what it used to be, but has changed with the times and made it easy for you to find where to go for your mobile dose of goodness. Instead of numbers, these guys share Snapchat usernames of girls that are willing to do some pretty naughty stuff in a very amateur way. Hell, Sexting Forum even has a guys’ sub-area where you can check out what dudes are up to as well! Alongside the username sharing, the members here also share ‘wins’ or nude photographs of babes that they’ve received – there are also a few other places on the site, but these are the biggest ones alongside the gay Kik sharing area.

The numbers

It’s probably a good idea to give you some numbers here, so in the Snapchat Girls area you’ll be pleased to find 150,000 posts, in the Snapchat Usernames section there are 120,000 and finally, Snapchat Nudes has 87,000 – these are some pretty impressive numbers! Some websites suffer from not having large enough sexting forums but the good news is that this isn’t the case here. I checked quite a few posts and they’re all legitimate too – not spam from Indian bots or anything like that.

SextingForum in focus

The ‘nudes’ area is filled with girls who want to share themselves and also, a gallery that the site describes as being “the biggest free collection of leaked nude selfies on Snapchat”. I don’t know if that claim is entirely true, but after cycling through a number of the images here, I’m not going to complain. This is a no bullshit, full and proper display of Snapchat sluts that want to show themselves off to the world. Who knew that it was so easy to come across willing whores that just love to put their bodies on display? It’s magical stuff and honestly, SextingForum is going above and beyond to deliver a stellar website. This is my idea of a good time, that’s for sure.

Other social media profiles

Alongside its major Snapchat segment, Sexting Forum has small but populated areas for Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Kik sharing. Like I mentioned earlier, the gay Kik hub has over 150,000 posts, so if you like seeing big dicks and tight butts that need some bareback attention, SextingForum has got you covered. I’m also pleased that on the whole, this forum doesn’t utilize many adverts. One of the problems that faces a lot of destinations like this is that they can be riddled with adverts, but Sexting Forum doesn’t seem to suffer from this problem. It’s clean, tidy and easy to use: I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty damn good to me.

Final thoughts on this site

Honestly, forums are mainly all about ensuring that there’s enough people involved – once they hit that point, the content basically produces itself. Sexting Forum’s approach here is a solid one and the Username sharing feature means you can get in and get out without wasting too much time or money. I know you guys don’t like paying hand over fist for literally anything, so given that SextingForum is completely free, I’m struggling to come up with reasons why someone wouldn’t visit this place and see if it suits their needs.

A great forum with some quality content – check it today.

Review Pros

  • Great forum
  • Lots of posts

Review Cons

  • Slow site
  • Flashing adverts