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Sneak Peek
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If you’re Vietnamese and not entirely sure where you should be going for porn, may I suggest that you check out Sex Top 1? This place has done a solid job of finding the best adult entertainment around and hosting it all for you to enjoy with absolutely no drawbacks. The site is free and from the homepage, you’re going to find a mixture of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese girls getting fucked nice and deep in all holes. has a lot of things going for it that certainly make visiting a top choice for anyone that loves porn.

SexTop1 doesn’t just serve up hot Asian pussy for your enjoyment, it also covers a lot of taboo territory. It touches on parts of porn most would consider forbidden or absolute no-nos. For example, there is an entire section dedicated to incestuous porn. This is where step siblings, step moms and step dads unleash their lust in ways that will astound you. There’s certainly no holding back here. also has a much more controversial section that for legal purposes I won’t mention here but if you visit sextop, look for the tab whose title starts with an R and ends with an E. If your curiosity leads you to this section, proceed with caution! Its definitely not for the faint of heart or those who are easily offended!

Even though SexTop1 is all about Viet porn, they understand that some people want to see foreign porn so they have a Euro section with over 100 videos featuring the hottest pornstars from the US and Europe. The videos in this section have subtitles, just like all the other videos on sextop. To be honest though, you don’t need subtitles for any of these movies because let’s face it, you’re just here for the fucking and not for the storyline!

If subtitles are important to you however, I do recommend that you use the automatic translate feature if you’re not from Vietnam: understanding the scenes will be a lot easier for you. All of the streaming clips here are high quality and can be downloaded to your PC if you’d prefer to store it locally. I love that each video comes with three streaming channels so if one channel is running slow or buffering excessively, you can just jump to another one. Length is something that Sex Top 1 does every well too, with some scenes lasting well over two hours.

There’s no telling how many videos are in the archive here but there a ton and unfortunately there aren’t plenty of browsing tools provided besides a search box. Thankfully though, the site is so well organised that you’ll be able to find your way around easily. I love some hot AV Idols and if you do too, you’ll love the Idol directory which links to some incredibly hot scenes featuring some of the hottest Japanese porn models around. Did I mention that some scenes here are pixelated but others are not censored at all? I seriously can’t think of another Vietnamese porn tube that does the niche better than Sex Top 1

Review Pros

  • Can download videos
  • Lots of content

Review Cons

  • Some censored material
  • Download speed is slow