Sex Gangsters Review

Sex Gangsters

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If you like gangsters and you like sex, then I’ve got a little treat for you today on Mr. Porn Geek that’s going to blow your mind: Sex Gangsters! This is a neat little Flash game that starts off with you being a low-level gang member who wants to rise to the top and take over the city. One tip I recommend from the get go: sign up with an email address and you’ll get 100 Gold and $10,000 off the bat, which certainly makes starting out a hell of a lot easier. The game is pretty easy: you head around the city performing various jobs, with the first one taking place at a hospital in England.

I don’t want to walk you through the game step by step, so I recommend you just follow the instructions and soon enough, you’ll work out what you need to be doing. The main aim here is to fuck cartoon pussy and earn a lot of cash, which you can spend on various things like new outfits. The quality of this game isn’t the best, but it’s got a nice vibe about it that means playing it for a few hours is pretty justifiable. Whether or not it’s got long-term appeal I cannot say but for now, I think it’s a good adult porn game worth playing at least once.

Review Pros

  • Free to play
  • Easy to understand

Review Cons

  • Dated graphics
  • Needs more clothing options