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Sex Core

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William is a 23-year old guy from Brazil that runs a blog called S3xcore – also entitled as Wonderland. It’s pretty much all about black and white porn GIFs and images that showcase the more erotic side of intimate sex. If you’re looking for a fuck blog that has no artistic value, go elsewhere, pleb – this Tumblr blog is for the sophisticated gentle sir that can enjoy a woman like a fine wine.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if Sex Core’s update schedule is all that great, but let’s hope that he gets wind of the fact that we want to see more and plenty of peeps head on over and follow him. That way, we’ll see more erotic content coming from this fantastic X-rated blog devoted to black and white porn deliciousness. Remember, guys – Mr. Porn Geek is your one and only need when it comes to getting your hands on the best porn around. Stop wasting your time with those sites and blogs that aren’t giving you what you want. Have fun and enjoy yourself on Tumblr too – there’s a heap of porn that’s so good to watch and enjoy.

Review Pros

  • Great posts
  • Erotic content

Review Cons

  • Very small archive