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Real Life Cam is one of those crazy sites that allows you to check out a house that people live in and do some sexy stuff while there from time to time. It’s a 100% legitimate destination that has an apartment with four rooms, all of which have cameras inside for you to see what’s going on. There are a number of apartments offered and you get to see all of the action unfold for free from a set number of cameras, with the additional ability to purchase extra cameras if you want to go into the bathroom and bedroom.

As things currently stand, seven apartments are free for you to check out and there are a further twelve that are for premium members only. Some of the premium apartments have groups of girls together, so if you’re into group sex and the like, this is one place you might want to check out. The camera quality is fantastic and my own real problem is the fact that it uses Adobe Flash instead of a HTML5 embed for the streams. Hopefully this is updated in the near future – for now, it’s still plenty good for real lovers of voyeur material. You get to see real people living life!

Review Pros
  • Live voyeur feeds
  • Unique concept
  • Some free rooms
Review Cons
  • Money-locked features
  • Flash-based streaming