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RapidGator has been one of the go-to name in the file sharing space for quite some time now. These guys know how to run a tight ship and for my money, it’s still one of the best file hosting sites on the Internet for all things adult and mainstream. When you hit the home page, you’ll see that you can instantly upload files and start to create your account to better manage what you’re planning to share with the world. I guess it’s probably a good time to point out what all of the premium features are here, hey?

Those that pay cash to Rapid Gator will receive the ability to access the site based on a number of different metrics. I think the best deal right now is $50 for 6 months of access, 6 TB of bandwidth and unlimited uploading. Of course, you can go up to 12 TB of Bandwidth if you need to, but I can’t imagine too many people out there have such a huge need for that much data! RapidGator has the best support team out of all the options and their servers are incredibly fast: if you want a good place to share files, this is one destination to visit.

Review Pros
  • Great speeds
  • Lots of storage space
Review Cons
  • Limited bandwidth (very high)