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Who the fuck decided on the name for ProPorn?

ProPorn is not what it suggests, not by a long short! ProPorn is far away from professional porn; it should be a criminal act to call themselves this stupid name! I was excited when I saw the name of this site, but that excitement quickly turned into rage when I went on this site. This site offers nothing but cam models and amateur porn. Cam models may have a profession that is nearly in the porn industry, but not nearly enough, sir! I was expecting some proper good porn from this site, and I am left, picking the pieces of my cock up with tears streaming down my legs looking at a bunch of shit a monk without wank over.

A feature I hate about ProPorn

I hate the name and the false advertisement it gives. ProPorn is not about professional porn, professional porn is shit acting and the same scene over and over again. This site is full of amateurs recreating these shit scenes in low-quality bollocks videos. What the fuck is the point of this cunting site?!? Please, some tell me, I am losing my mind!

A feature I can live with on ProPorn

ProPorn does have some sexy amateurs on it. There are some girls on this site that look sexy as fuck, and because they are amateurs, they are  well up for it! I like these, I love amateurs that are well up for, I haven’t fucked a pornstar, but I’ve fucked plenty of amateurs who should be pornstars. Watching an amateur take a cumshot to the face is a great thing. You can tell they enjoy the cum splashing on their face and they aren’t doing it for a paycheck. Well done amateurs that shouldn’t even be on this site, you rock, sometimes, but there are a lot of fuck uglies amongst you too!

A feature I would like ProPorn to add

Well, some professional porn wouldn’t go a miss, would it! If you are going to call your porn site, consider adding some professional porn to it you bunch of teasing cunts! If you don’t want the hassle of adding pro-porn to your site, CHANGE THE FUCKING NAME YOU CUNTS! I came here to see pro-porn, and you blue-balled me, blue-balling cunts!

The Geeks final thoughts on ProPorn

Well, ProPorn isn’t a professional porn site. The site does look pretty good and most of the videos work, but it is a site full of amateurs. The amateurs on this site are some of the best that I have seen though. So, professional IT FUCKING ISN’T, but ProPorn isn’t actually that bad! But out of principle for being blue-balled to hell and back, I shall never visit this cunt of a site again!

Review Pros
  • Good design
  • Nice layout
  • Lots of cam models
Review Cons
  • All amateur porn
  • Short videos