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PornSharing is another one of these porn sites with really short videos on it that offer a taste of a scene and no way of watching the rest of it. I hate these porn sites, the videos start in the middle of the action and then just end after 5 minutes or so! What is the fucking point? Either show us some good porn or don’t have a porn website. I’m pissed off about PornSharing because when I first saw it, it looked great, but after some exploration, this site is pretty pants.

The design of PornSharing

I do like the design of PornSharing; it feels likes a nice place to be. It is a very basic design sure, but does a porn site need to be complicated? There is plenty on this site to keep your interest, it is responsive and the colours they have used are great. So, the design and layout PornSharing has gets a plus from me, but that may be the only plus this site gets in this whole review!

The porn on PornSharing

The longest video I have found on PornSharing so far was just over 6 minutes. I have looked at a lot of porn on this site, and that was the best I could find! I know that porn videos must take up a lot of memory, but your job is to supply porn not chop it down and hope that no one notices! This site is really annoying. All the videos start deep into the action, which I don’t like anyway, and then just end, there’s no cumshot, there no awkward acting as the pornstars remember they are in a scene of porn, nothing at all! Without the crap story, porn is weird!

Additional features for PornSharing to consider

Add more porn! The porn I have seen on PornSharing isn’t bad it just isn’t long enough to wank to. Adding some longer porn would solve this, and then PornSharing would be in competition with some of the best in the business. They have a good design and layout, they may need to add some more categories and a pornstar directory, but other than that, this porn site has every it needs to be one of the best in the business, apart from the porn!

The Geeks final thoughts on PornSharing

I wish I could give PornSharing a better score, but without the porn, what is this site? If you can only offer us 6 minutes of porn per video, don’t be surprised when we spend 6 seconds on your site! The porn you have is good, it just needs to be longer. There is HD porn and loads of categories to choose from, but the fucking videos are so short I can’t even wank to them, and I last less time then Trumps wig would in a hurricane! Please sort out the porn PornSharing, please!

Review Pros
  • Lots of videos
  • Nice design
  • Good categories
Review Cons
  • Short videos