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Paparaco celebrity nudes

Fans of famous people can once again be happy that there’s a site out there doing everything it can to provide you with the type of content you’re looking for. is all about various celebs and the like who find themselves being naughty, having a sexy time or otherwise being caught doing something that’s worth sharing so that people can jerk off to it. This site has been around for a number of years and well, let’s just say that it’s incredibly popular for those that just want to cut out all the nonsense and see stuff that’s hot. It functions as a blog and updates around once a day with new material. Note that it combines real stuff with fakes – this isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

Navigation at Paparaco

The left-hand side of the page shows links to various ladies on the site, but with literally hundreds of them, you might be better off using your browser’s search function to find what it is you’re after. New celebrity stories are published here quite often, with the recent scandal surrounding Amir Khan and his girlfriend being on the front page. The site also has images from Victoria’s Secret fashion show and stuff involving Kim K. Note that they use the word ‘’ude’ a lot when there’s no nudity: that’s the only problem I found at Paparaco – if you’ve got a picture of a celebrity wearing lingerie and you say ‘nude in underwear’, that’s not really accurate, is it?

Other considerations

Paparaco is incredibly image-heavy, with very limited video material. I’d like to see that change so that if some sexy clips come out, they’re on the front line giving you access to them. They’ve also only got 24 posts devoted to Kim Kardashian – I mean really, can you believe that? It’s Kim Kardashian! Not like you’re going to struggle to find decent celebrity snaps of her. This chick’s Instagram alone is packed with 100+ racy images and the like.

Overall, Paparaco does an okay job of showing you celebrity action, but it can be a bit hit and miss. Advice: utilize their search feature and come across the Hollywood A-listers you like the most, then you’ll find all of their sexy pictures in one spot!

Review Pros

  • Huge archive
  • Regular celeb content

Review Cons

  • Cannot copy images
  • Incorrect labels