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Mr. Porn Geek visits Only Best Porn

What’s going on, gang? Mr. Porn Geek is back at the review desk today and boy, do I have a lot of destinations to get through! Kicking off proceedings, I’m talking all about Only Best Porn before anything else. While on the surface this might look like a tube website, it’s actually anything but! I’m going to tease you a little bit and not explain exactly what’s going on, but let’s just say that when it comes to having access to millions of X-rated videos, few hubs help out quite like this one does. Interested and want to learn more? Of course you do – continue on read the review below where Mr. Porn Geek will give you all of the information you need on

Only Best Porn: the initial experience

My philosophy has always been to not judge a book by its cover. That said, at the same time I totally do believe it’s valid to judge a website based on its homepage. At Only Best Porn, you’re instantly introduced to a number of niches from the very popular to the very specific. All of the standard favorites are here including interracial, teen, MILF, Japanese and lesbian – you can also get a little more fruity with oiled, JOI, lactating and fisting content if that’s your cup of tea. It’s quite interesting how Only Best Porn doesn’t show you the erotic goods straight away like most tubes do, you check out and see the latest publications to the website if you’re desperate for that type of layout.

So far, so good for Only Best Porn. The site doesn’t play by the rules, but I’ve always been a bit of an anarchist at heart, so that’s hardly going to upset me. Now – let’s explore more of what’s on offer here.

Header links in focus at Only Best Porn

I think one of the most important header links for you to take a look at is the pornstars one. This is pretty bread and butter stuff for tube sites and the basic structure is here on Only Best Porn if you want to focus on specific content from an adult model that you love to see perform. You’ve got all types of girls here too, which I absolutely love. I mean we’re talking busty MILFs like Brandi Love and petite Asian teens such as Jade Kush: I don’t think many people are going to be too dissatisfied if every type of pornstar between those two is accounted for. Anyway, clicking on the models shows you all of the scenes that they’ve been verified as appearing in – perfection to say the very least. I love the small quality of life features like this: it saves you having to use the search bar which can often result in disaster, as they’re always giving you somewhat associated keywords and that type of thing.

The best videos on Only Best Porn

Only Best Porn’s best videos page is probably where I’d go if I were you and I didn’t quite know where I should go for some top-tier smut. You’ll find lots of videos in a range of niches here and better yet, you’re able to further the refined nature of this page by choosing durations and whether or not the shoots have to be in high definition. Almost all of the clips I came across where actually 720p or 1080p though, so I don’t think much low-quality smut will be appearing either way. I should probably take this moment to talk about the actual content – and its sources – so let me break that down for you folks.

Only Best Porn doesn’t actually have any porn for you to watch itself: this is merely a directory service for the biggest tube sites out there. See, instead of deciding to host their own smut, OBP has decided that it’s in their best interests to just let other sites do that and they can come in with an indexer that collects all of these scenes and allows people to find them in one convenient spot. It’s an interesting idea and the execution is fantastic: I believe that Only Best Porn has done something quite special using this approach to their porn database. As for the tubes themselves, you’ll find smut from the likes of PornHub, Txxx, XNXX, xHamster, V Porn and more. I counted well over a dozen places that had material here available to be watched, so yeah – quite the selection and no doubt there are millions of videos for you to stroke your snake to.

Improvements Only Best Porn could make

I always love balancing out my reviews with a little criticism and honestly, Only Best Porn should probably look at improving its pornstar directory if it gets the opportunity to do that. I’d like to see ethnic filtering at the very least, so if I only want to watch Asians or ebonies, I can view them exclusively. Age ranges would also be nice, so if I’m hunting for a MILF or a teen, they’re just a click away. Other than that, I guess my only request would be an advanced search feature, but given the material isn’t local, that might be an impossible request, depending on what their database stores and what’s provided with APIs.

My Only Best Porn conclusion

The bottom line when it comes to this website is that they’ve done a great job of sourcing XXX entertainment from a few of the best websites around for it. I love tubes and I think that Only Best Porn practically gives you the best look at smutty clips online: it’s hard to beat a website like this and especially so since it doesn’t have any adverts on spammy links. The idea is great but the execution is even better: I’m giving this the official Mr. Porn Geek seal of approval and a recommendation that you check it out whenever you get the chance. Thrilled with the smut and the design – you’d be hard-pressed to find something better in this space, that’s for sure.

Review Pros
  • Free porn aggregator
  • No adverts
  • Lots of HD videos
Review Cons
  • No advanced search
  • Third-party hosting