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The OHentai Preview

What do you love the most about hentai porn? Take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine it. Then go to Ohentai and find it. Really. I love seeing huge movie screens right there when I get into a website — massive boobs on hot women getting fucked by hard cocks. Intense moans. There are a ton of hot accents on this site, what with so much Japanese animation and voicing. Drives me wild. As a website, Ohentai seeks out porn movies from all over the web and links them through their website. Looking for something similar to Ohentai? There is nothing better, don’t waste your breathe. Ohentai gives access to a ton of the sexiest hentai clips, but there is a lot more here to talk about in this Ohentai review. Let’s get into all of the juicy details.

OHentai Detailed Review

There are many, many hentai porn sites out there, but Ohentai really does have a knack for picking out the top hentai clips to shoot your load too. When it comes to quality over quantity, this site excels. There is, however a solid collection, giving you the best of both worlds. Some hentai porn sites have so much material that you can spend hours looking for what you want; there is just too much. Did Mr. Porn Geek say there was too much porn somewhere? Too much porn only happens when you can’t find anything. It really isn’t even too much porn, just lousy organization. Ok, rant over. The navigation of this site is good, so there is nothing to worry about here.

One of the vast benefits here is the huge numbers of porn movies and styles. This isn’t a site that you go to find all of that porn you have already seen. It is a place to get to the porn that you haven’t discovered yet, which is perfect to me, especially since this is high-quality hentai porn. There is more than that though; the site also has CGI porn videos, 3D porn, and games as well. This is all great porn; they pass over all the shitty stuff. Plenty of sites add everything, no matter how good it is. Each clip you find here will better quality than these other sites I am talking about.

Because the content here is pulled from other places on the internet, there are additional links that they have posted just in case one ends up being broken. That’s looking out for my damn interests, and I like it. In addition, the movies here are different from each other, which is another great perk. For people that love variety, there is a ton happening here. Even the 3D and CGI films are incredible.

Best of OHentai

Many of the videos here are 720p; there are many 1080p porn movies here too. For porn that is practically HD, it is a stopping point for so many people that love animated porn. This is a free hentai porn site that offers more than many top paid hentai porn websites do. It is so smooth, crisp, and clear.

The site is familiar to navigate; it has the same layout as many of the best hentai porn sites. You can check them out by most viewed, most liked, date, and more. There are a ton of categories as well, and some of them are the categories that I would love to see on all porn sites for hentai. Some of the top categories are uncensored, big boobs, 3D, CGI, games, mind break, and there are many others as well. These are really interesting categories, none of that teens, MILF, redheads only categories. Find something different; it’s easy. Make sure to take a look at mind break and uncensored.

Authentic Japanese Hentai Porn

There are descriptions for the movies, but many of them are in Japanese, so you may be out of luck when you if you don’t speak the language. Talk about an authentic experience though, ha. If you really want to read them, there are plenty of translation sites like Google Translate, which will get you the gist. I go to these sites watch the visuals, so the preview pic is good enough for me.

Thousands Of Top Hentai Porn Clips

There are thousands and thousands of porn clips here, and multiple choices for almost all of them. This means that you have plenty for your spank bank, and if you love hentai films, even better. Most of the focus is on more traditional hentai, and there are many top hentai styles represented. Also, there is some great 3D porn here, which tends to be harder to find other places.

Worst of OHentai

As mentioned above there are multiple links available for most of the content here, and that is because over time some of the links break. The negative is that some of the links are broken, but the positive is that a lot of the pages have secondary links, or more, to help alleviate any issues. You may need to click on a link or two in order to get what you want to see. It is a small negative when it comes to getting so much quality porn on this site.

In some ways though, this does shine a light on another small negative; that the files are hosted offsite, so there is less reliability than websites that have their own hosting. I didn’t run into many issues about it but keep in mind that there could be some.

People love comics and graphics, but keep in mind that you won’t find any here. This is a site for people that love animated video porn. I am not always the biggest fan of hentai, but I do go through phases. Why? Because this is some of the weirdest porn there is, allowing imagination to move past reality. These are gorgeous babes, hot males, and a range of sensual to almost disturbing sex. Fuck. So hot.

When videos start to load up, an advertisement plays. There are plenty of sites that do this, but it can be a small frustration here in a different way. Even if the link for the movie does not work, the ad still plays. This means that you can find out that a video doesn’t work, but only after watching an ad. Then you need to watch another advertisement in order to try another link. Not fun, but once you get the links you want bookmarked, it is smooth sailing. There are definitely pop-ups here, and I hate them.

OHentai Final Notes

So. There are some frustrations that come with going to Ohentai. The ads, having to view them with links that don’t work, is something to improve. There could probably be less ads in general, since the content isn’t hosted on the site. Either way, there is a TON of fantastic hentai video porn here, and it is selected as the best of the best. The categories are fantastic and cover a lot of the strange things you would expect to see in the naughtiest hentai porn. There are categories that are more taboos, and definitely some porn that might not be considered “politically correct.” It’s hot as fuck though, and I will watch it as much as I want. Do you have a fantasy that is perfect for hentai porn? Give it a search, the site is free so there is nothing to lose.

Review Pros

  • Taboo porn scenes
  • Free hentai porn
  • Hentai porn variety

Review Cons

  • Some porn link errors
  • Ads on site