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I’m not entirely sure what News Filter started off as, because the name isn’t exactly the type of thing that you’d associate with porn – especially porn that’s considered funny.

Anyway, the whole point of News Filter is to provide you with a platform to find something that’s comedic, enjoyable or otherwise laughable in the world of adult entertainment. Their job is to make you laugh by finding something that happens which is going to make you giggle. If you’re not laughing while you’ve got a boner, then News Filter hasn’t done its job.

So does Newsfilter have funny porn or disturbing porn?

To give you a general idea of the type of material you’ll find, I always find it best to talk about what’s currently on the site. For instance, News Filter’s latest uploads include a Spanish babe cumming so hard from anal that she loses her mind, some Tinder babe getting deep dish fucked by a stranger while she makes strange noises and of course, a 30 year old virgin that fucks an escort and decides to record it.

This isn’t the kind of stuff that’s going to crack you up the way a comedy routine would but its funny enough to earn a spot on Newsfilter. If I’m being honest though, these videos fall more into the WTF porn category than in the hahaha category. So if push came to shove, I’d say this is more disturbing porn than funny but that’s just me.

Newsfilter porn GIFs

If you’re determined to find funny anywhere on this site though, you want to head over to the porn GIFs section. Now, that’s something has perfected down to a T. These porn GIFs are both funny and bizarre and be warned, they’re very much NSFW.

The News filter porn gifs definitely deliver in terms of variety. There’s a girl getting a shot of cum in her eye, machine porn, toon porn, masturbation and even a webcam chick so high on LSD that she dons a donkey mask and then – well, I don’t want to spoil that gif for you, you just have to check it out on Newsfilter.

Navigational tools

Finding the aforementioned gif and any other clip on this site requires being familiar with what tools are at your disposal to make your experience here more pleasant. You can filter the content by type – videos, photos or eye candy. What’s that last one? A collection of amateur picture galleries. I’m not entirely sure why they’re listed separately from other photos but they are.

As with all other sites of this nature, the Newsfilter porn can be sorted by category. You’d think that since this is supposed to be a funny porn site it’d only need one category but all the usual categories are here – bondage, anal, big tits, creampies and gangbang to name a few. They do have a funny NSFW category as well as one category specifically for “fucked up porn videos”. There is even something called “horror porn” if that sounds like a good time to you.

To just get straight to the most recent videos, click on the new tab and you’ll get 6 pages of fresh smut just waiting to be enjoyed. A really neat little feature you may want to take advantage of is the ability to sort the hottest videos by week, month or all time. This allows you to watch just the best of the best instead of wasting your time on everything else.

Do I need an account?

Yes you do – if you want to upload clips. But before you close this browser and move on, you need to know that registering for an account is actually a good thing because it gives you access to certain features that unregistered visitors don’t have access to. Like the ability to save your favorite videos, or comment on the videos you like or dislike. There are a ton more advanced features that are only available to those with personal accounts.

I should mention though that an account is not absolutely necessary unless you want to take advantage of those extra features. You can still enjoy all the bizarre porn this site offers for free without signing up for an account.

In conclusion therefore…

There is nothing particularly unique about the News filter porn.Some of the content is worth jerking off to, but for the most part, you’re just coming here to have a bit of a laugh at the funny porn. Some of it will have you scratching your head and asking wtf? And some of it will just give you some quick much needed relief. You’re not going to be wowed by any clip here but you won’t be bored either so go ahead and look around – maybe you’ll find something funny or bizarre.

Review Pros
  • Great content
  • Good site design
  • Funny porn
Review Cons
  • Couple of adverts
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