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Site Closed down!

The fappening: it came, it saw, it conquered, and then we all came. My Fappening is a place that cuts the wheat from the chaff and only presents you with the best celebrity porn that resulted in the aftermath of the infamous iCloud hack. What we’re talking here is nothing but the hottest material starring babes like Anna Faith Carlson, Stephanie Corneliussen, Scarlett Johansson and plenty of other dime pieces that are heavily featured in the Hollywood circle. I love me some sexy famous gals, so you can imagine how much fun it is to check out places like here for work.

When you find the hot celebrity you’d like to see nudes of, simply click on their profile to be taken through to the archive page. Scroll down and you’ll be presented with what can only be described as a treasure trove of the goddess you want to see more of. A lot of the archives here are from the original 4Chan leaks and stuff published over at
TheFappening, but you can also see some new stuff if the owner of the site thinks it’s worthwhile. Anyhow: enjoy your celeb porn folks, I think you’re going to love what you find!

Review Pros

  • Celeb porn
  • Great archive
  • Easy to navigate

Review Cons

  • No downloads
  • Some adverts