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From the creators of the GF network comes My Ebony GF – a place where you’re going to find the most amateur of black chicks doing what they do best. From the ghetto babes in the United States through to dark-skinned beauties in Europe, if it’s the most nubile and cock hungry ebony ladies you’re after, no one is going to do the deal better than My Ebony GF. Here, let Mr. Porn Geek take you for a little tour so you can learn more!

First things first: the member’s area currently has over 700 scenes in its collection, all of which are genuine amateur girls from around the world that are black and hungry for cock. They also have some 450 photo sets that contain various hot action with ebony bitches that want to get nude and rude. Oh, I should probably also mention that your membership to The GF Network comes with free bonus access to 23 other sites. Yeah, a pretty crazy deal for anyone that loves amateur and GF material, so grab yourself a membership today and start tugging it to hot ebony girlfriends.

MyEbonyGF Review

Do you wake up horny in the middle of the night thinking about hot ebony sluts that want to take your dick in all their holes? If you are a chick, have you ever fantasized about an ebony Goddess licking your sweet spot? Either way, there are plenty of gorgeous chocolate babes here that fuck like pros, but are really just some of the hottest amateur porn women on the planet.

MyEbonyGF has over 700 porn scenes, with each being a different length. They are available in MP4 format for both download and stream. The quality varies, and I am not entirely sure why, it may just be that they are ebony amateur porn scenes. There are also a number of picture galleries, though not quite as many as videos. These are available for download as a Zip file.

Ah, there it is. The quality of the porn videos on this site varies because the content is not exclusive. These ebony porn clips are taken from many different places, which can actually have some benefits. There will be plenty of different styles available on the site. Some people prefer sites that do not film their own content, due to the variety. I love it all, personally.

MyEbonyGF Bonus Content

MyEbonyGF is part of the GF Network, which is a top porn network that is dedicated to amateur porn involving all different types of girlfriends, all with different interests too. Sure they all love sucking dick and fucking, but each of these cock and pussy hungry sluts has different wants and desires. Fortunately for The GF Network, there is a site for all of them. There are over twenty sites in the network, with names like My GF Loves Anal, Watch My GF, Jizz On My GF, and many others.

MyEbonyGF Discounts

Tip #1: Do not get the limited access trial. It does not let you get downloads, and it charges you $12 more per month than the standard rate after the trial is over. The trial is only one day too, to add to the facepalm. Instead, take advantage of the best porn deals that I, Mr. Porn Geek, have gotten you. The best deals on porn are here, and I am happy to help you get that cream in that cookie.

The Best of MyEbonyGF

The women on this site are stunning. How they are able to find all of the most gorgeous ebony babes and bring these ebony GF’s the time of their lives is a thing of wonder. I want to work for them, ha. Please!

The sites on the GF Network are updating about 2-3 times per week, giving more ebony sluts each week for you to drool and masturbate over. These women are jaw-dropping hot. When was the last time you saw an ebony chick in a porn? If your answer was “more than an hour ago,” it has been too long.

The site navigates pretty well and has everything that you want from a porn site in terms of sorting options. They have categories, tags, and allow you to favorite your top ebony porn movies. They even let members comment and rate porn movies. Once you are on the website as a member, you also have unlimited downloads, another great perk to joining.

The Worst of MyEbonyGF

The movies here are of average quality, so while the ladies are stellar and the films are great, they won’t be quite as crisp and clean as some of the other sites around. Honestly, have you ever seen a true amateur porn movie that was filmed with stellar quality? Chicks that are making movies at home do not generally have a $5,000 camcorder around to shoot in the highest professional porn quality. The videos are not that high quality, but they are amateur porn films, so take it easy.

Additionally, the limited trial is, well, limited. More so, the price for a membership goes up by $12 if you take advantage of the trial first. I will be the first to say that that is a little shitty. I have seen a $5 increase and even plenty of $10 increases, but this is the first one I have noticed that raises the price by over ten dollars, just for taking advantage of a limited trial. Get the regular membership; you will save so much money in the long run. You can cancel any time, so it really is the best choice.

Also, there are two (2) pre-checked offers that you need to un-check to avoid being charged more for other websites. They can be found on the payment page where you enter your payment information. In addition, they have a lot of ads floating around in the site, even after you have paid for a membership. The site is excellent otherwise, but that is a little tacky.

Lastly, the content here is not exclusive. Again, it’s real amateur porn featuring black chicks that love sex. The best amateur porn is real amateur porn, in my opinion, so bring on the non-exclusive content, it’s time to get busy.

The Bottom Line about MyEbonyGF

There are hundreds of black pornstars, all amateur porn girls, here on MyEbonyGF. The movies here are candid, explicit, hardcore, and some of them get pretty vocal on the dirty talk. There is a vast range of porn on this one site, but remember that you also get an additional 20+ sites that you can check out as well. Simply put, there are TONs of girls you will want to give a good dicking too here. Lube up and get ready to party, these ebony beauties know how to tease and know how to please. Remember not to use the limited access trial, you will pay so much more in the long run. Instead, take advantage of the deal that I got you. It is the best porn deal for ebony porn, and for a site that is filled with the ebony sluts that you want to get off to.

Review Pros
  • Great ebony GFs
  • Lots of bonus sites
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  • Average quality
  • Limited trial