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If you thought that Mr. Porn Geek was the only Mister in town, think again. I have this guy I’ve worked with in the past called Mr. Stiff and I figured that it was about time that I shared his site right here on my own. This guy operates a porn search engine that gives you access to lots of websites that all feature hot, X-rated material you’ll likely never find by Googling for it.

I can’t tell you exactly how much content is archived here, but let’s just say that Mr. Stiff has some pretty incredible numbers backing up his adult search engine! He’s been around for a while too and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon – which is good news for us!

To test results, I went ahead and typed in ‘Asian’ – I got a site listing, some amateur clips from xHamster and a list of related searches so I could specialize what I wanted down even further into niches such as ‘Asian hooker’ or “Chinese slut’. Mr. Stiff’s website loads incredibly quickly and you have the option to create an account for a few extra features.

MrStiff subscribes to the “different strokes for different folks” mantra so to that end he doesn’t just serve up straight porn alone but also dishes out gay porn as well as shemale porn. If those two are what you’re looking for, simply select those options from the drop down menu up top and you’re good to go. If there is one thing Mr. Stiff excels at, its being an equal opportunity pleaser so regardless of your sexual orientation or preference, he’ll take care of you.

If you’re curious and don’t know where to start, dive right into Mr. Stiff’s popular search terms. He has them front and center on his home page so you can’t miss them. The variety in the tags will astound you. Porn lovers clearly have varied tastes so you’ll see things like POV, anime, interracial, housewife and massage mixed in with things like fart, amputee, bondage, poop, piss, enema and diaper just to name a few. If your curiosity gets the better of you, go ahead and click on any of the tags and see what goodies you can uncover.

Note that this website doesn’t host anything itself and all of the material you’ll find is stored elsewhere. As far as adult search engines go, this is likely one of the best ones I’ve seen. The page as a whole is clean, navigation is smooth and the archive is stacked to the brim with videos. If its a quick release you want, Mr. Stiff has the videos to get you across the finish line.

Review Pros

  • Large index
  • Loads quick
  • Multi-language

Review Cons

  • No advanced search
  • Adverts