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Checking out MenHDv

I have been exploring MenHDv for a while now, and I must say, I am excited. I haven’t been reviewing gay porn sites for too long, I also don’t have much experience on gay sites prior to my porn site reviews, but I have come across some shocking piles of donkey dick already. However, MenHDv could just be the best gay site I have ever reviewed. I can’t be certain, but MenHDv could just be the best thing since gay sliced bread. However, dear reader, we better delve deeper into this site, review it and see whether it is indeed the perfect gay site that I have been searching for! Let’s do this shit, shall we?

The excellent styling of MenHDv

Right, so the first thing I loved about MenHDv was the styling. Man, this site has once of the nicest stylings I have seen on a site for a long time! It just feels like a nice site to be on, which is excellent. I will also say that this good shit carries over to the backend of this site. So far, I have had no bloody issues at all with porn videos buffering or loading issues with the many pages of porn. So the styling and the backend of MenHDv are fucking excellent. But what about the other backend on MenHDv (get it, the butt), what’s that like?

The porn on MenHDv

Right, now here is where most gay porn sites start failing and flopping around like a cock out of water. However, MenHDv has some excellent porn on it. Most of the porn on this site is modern, most of it is at least HD, and most of it is above 10 minutes in length. To be honest, if this were a porn tube site that had a majority of straight porn on it, I would be asking it to improve the length of its porn. However, as I know the shit state of most gay sites and the fact that pretty much none of them has recent, HD porn of this length, I think I can forgive MenHDv for this length of porn.

Is MenHDv the best gay porn tube site yet?

Now, I don’t think that MenHDv is the perfect gay site that I have been searching for by doing these reviews. However, it is a fucking fantastic site and certainly the best gay porn site that I have reviewed since starting these gay site reviews. I have really enjoyed my time on this site and know you lovely, fine fuckers will too! Go check out MenHDv if you love HD porn that is a decent length, and dick, of course! If you don’t like a dick, then there is way too much dick on this site for you. If you’re a fan of the penis, MenHDv is an excellent site for you.

Review Pros
  • HD porn
  • Some full-length scenes
  • Excellent styling
Review Cons
  • Intrusive ads
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