Meet AV Review

Meet AV is a Japanese adult video site that devotes itself to showcasing the cream of Asian porn. I do recommend that as soon as you hit the homepage, you translate it using the navigation bar at the top to turn it into an English site - this won't translate the video titles, but it certainly makes navigation easier. Anyway, once on the homepage of Meet AV, you'll find a list of the most recent scenes, with links to sort the content based on number of views, duration and of course, ratings. Compared to a lot of JAV sites, Meet AV is more tube-like in nature, with shorter videos hosted locally on the site.

The quality of the clips can vary and while most are not in HD, the longer ones from professional studios tend to be available in 720p formats. The site's design isn't exactly the best, but they do have some uncensored content that put them ahead of the competition that needs to pixelate a lot of what they feature. Meet AV might not be the best Japanese adult video hub around, it's not a bad one at all. Take a look and see for yourself - this place has some pretty nice scenes available!

Review Pros

  • Locally hosted content
  • Top rated section

Review Cons

  • Not many HD clips
  • Some short videos