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Howdy folks – your favorite reviewer for all things smut: Mr. Porn Geek here! Today, I’m looking at Live Escort Reviews and I think judged on the name alone, you can figure out what this place is trying to be all about. I’ve been getting quite a few requests over the last few weeks to look at more call girl destinations and I figured that this one was well worth mentioning. Reviews have always been a great way to find the best of the best, right? I mean, that’s the entire reason why Mr. Porn Geek exists in the first place! So I’ll review another place that allows reviews and tell you what I think about it. Sound good? Then continue reading – Mr. Porn Geek’s going to give you the ins and outs of Live Escort Reviews right now!

American escorts on tap

One thing you’ll notice almost immediately upon landing at the homepage of Live Escort Reviews is that this site is almost entirely based on the United States. Most states have a sub-section for cities and while there are sections for places like London and Sydney, by and large this is a place for folks in America to use for the purposes of reviewing escorts. I suppose for the sake of convenience, I’ll give you direct links so you can look for companions located in Manhattan, Chicago and San Francisco – these are likely going to be the ones that you dudes want more than anywhere else! I estimate that there are around 200 or so cities across the United States here and thousands of escorts too: it’s a big site with large coverage of the country.

The website experience

Let’s go ahead and kick our adventure off at the Las Vegas escorts review page: I love to pick this as my go-to for judging how good a companion website is, simply because I know Las Vegas attracts the best of the best when it comes to women who trade their bodies for cash. You’re presented with a relatively basic page design when you pick a city – it’s pictures and not much else. Hell, it doesn’t even seem like you can filter or sort based on any metrics whatsoever: these guys are taking the idea of a basic site to the extreme.

Now once you click on an image that you like the look of, you’ll see a small gallery of pictures the escort has provided, a phone number for the escort provided and some other information that might be useful to you. It seems like Live Escort Reviews scrapes third-party destinations and provides a source to them at the bottom of the page, but it also provides an additional service of comparing images to others used in the past to help you determine if an escort is genuine or not. Examples of sites used to collect these posts include Adult Search, List Crawler and City X Guide.

This basically means that the profiles are fresh as hell – I checked the dates on the posts and for the Las Vegas section, hundreds of girls have been indexed in the last 24 hours. I think it’s safe to say that Live Escort Reviews is pretty committed to only showing the latest and greatest in available companions: the galleries are also great so you can get a good look at the babe in question to see if she’s worth spending the night with. For your convenience, I also looked at other cities and while not quite as busy, there’s still a regular flow of dozens of escorts available for you to take a look at. Live Escort Reviews functions quite similarly to other aggregate services – it’s not a direct service, but rather a third-party index tool that people can use to find escorts from multiple locations.

The review aspect of this site

I don’t like to rag on any site that seems to be doing a good job, but I’m not too sure what to make of a site called ‘Live Escort Reviews’ that literally has zero reviews. You had one job, dude! It may be the case that in the future, this place will make itself a large and developed community so that people can provide feedback on the escorts displayed, but for now that’s not a feature that’s available, so people might be a bit disappointed that they’re not getting what they bargained for.

Live Escort Reviews has a really small FAQ section where it basically says what I’ve said here: the site is a Wayback Machine for escort adverts and a place for people to check and compare details provided by various websites to check the authenticity of the girl in question. You can’t place adverts on the site directly and really, the only way to interact with Live Escort Reviews is to ask them to take down a post (if you’re the girl in question). A little on the basic site sadly, but hopefully they develop their review features soon enough so that people can actually get what they figured they’d get when they check out the site!

My final thoughts on Live Escort Reviews

I really like the homepage and I think that most people in the United States will appreciate the minimal approach taken when displaying various cities. The site updates often and it’s a good service – people might just be put off by the fact that it has ‘Review’ in the name and there’s no interface that allows people to actually review, or read reviews, associated with various escorts. There are a few adverts littered around and while not the end of the world, some are way too native for my tastes and integrate a little too clearly with the galleries.

On the whole though, Live Escort Reviews is a good site for finding girls in your area if you’re a visually-focused person. Take a little visit today and see if it fits your needs – who knows, you might just like it!

Review Pros

  • Massive escort review site
  • Large range of destinations

Review Cons

  • Design is ugly as fuck
  • Organization is bad
  • Limited info on escorts