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MrPornGeek checks out Little Caprice

Little Caprice is a Czech pornstar who, I must admit, I have never heard of before. However, she must have quite the fan base, or at least she thinks she does giving her about me page on this site. Little Caprice offers a load of content to paying members, and the site does things a little differently to other porn sites. Little Caprice is set up as more of a vlog than a typical porn site. Rather than the typical porn scene that we know and love, this site follows Little Caprice around on “normal” day and then there is some fucking or playing.

We haven’t paid for membership of Little Caprice to conduct this review, but there is enough content for non-paying guests to get a feel for the porn on this site. Little Caprice has won awards and she has taken this little bit of fame and ran with it creating this site for her fans. As I said, I had never heard of her, she looks hot, and some of her friends look even hotter!

The design of Little Caprice

The design of Little Caprice is pretty good, it does feel like some sort of SquareSpace site that hasn’t had much thought put into to, though. On anything else other than full screen on my laptop, it isn’t behaving very well and thumbnails for the videos take up far too much of the site. There is no border on the page so the videos extend to the very edges of the page making it look a little unprofessional.

Every page does load fairly quickly though, but that is probably because we are only seeing a one minute trailer for the porn videos, I can’t help but feel that if you were loading the full scene, it would take a while for the pages of porn to get their ass into gear.

This site isn’t too bad. It has a fresh and modern design and it does feel quite nice to use. But there are a few areas of this site that just doesn’t feel right. I can’t quite explain why, but this site just feels slightly underwhelming.

Too early in Little Caprice’s career

I have never heard of Little Caprice, I said that when I started this review, but it would appear that not many other people have either. One video has 3 reviews, another has 53 and another has 18. That really isn’t many people watching this porn. I know not everyone reviews the porn they watch, but far more do on a paid membership site because they have more invested in it. So I can’t help but feel that Little Caprice started this site a little too early on in her career.

Little Caprice’s profile on the site makes out that she is the Czech Riley Reid or something like that. I recognise a few pornstars on this site from a few of the Czech offerings on other mainstream porn sites, but not her. I don’t understand how she has passed me by if she is one of the biggest pornstars right now. I mean, she is offering panties and lingerie from scenes she’s been in and all other kinds of stuff, but they are selling for 130 euros. I can’t help but feel that if she was as big as she is claiming, these things would be selling for a lot more. I could be totally wrong about Little Caprice and she could be a massive pornstar that has just slipped through the net for me, but I can’t help but feel she has started this site way too early and it comes across as very arrogant because of this.

Additional features for Little Caprice to consider

There is a lot to like on Little Caprice. There are loads of sexy Czech porn stars in some really hot looking scenes. There is also some really sexy photos on the site too. There is even auctions for Little Caprice’s lingerie and loads of other stuff. But I think the additional features that Little Caprice needs is members!

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be many members of this site, perhaps because Little Caprice started it too early. There is some excellent content on this site and the design is pretty nice, but there isn’t much interaction on any of the porn videos, the blogs, the auctions or any of the photos. This site is damn near perfect, the only thing missing is what is desperately needed, fans of Little Caprice!

The Geeks final thoughts on Little Caprice

Little Caprice, the website, is a very nice site. It is laid out nicely, most of the pages are responsive and the site has everything a pornstar website needs. It has blogs where Little Caprice talks about her day of shooting porn, auctions for underwear and stuff and lots of porn. For a pornstar website, this is damn near perfect. I think the loading speeds would drop a lot if you were trying to load a full porn scene, but that is about the only negative thing I could say about this pornstar website.

However, even though this site is very good and has loads of nudes of Little Caprice and lots of videos of her and her friends fucking like animals, there is one glaring problem with this porn site. Little Caprice doesn’t have enough fans to make a community on this site. What’s more, Little Caprice is expensive too. Even if you get to see Little Caprice do a bit of anal in some sexy lingerie that she will later auction off to her fans on this site, that shouldn’t cost 40 euros a month! I think Little Caprice started thissite way too early in her career and it shows with how much she is trying to charge for every thing on this site.

Review Pros
  • Great models
  • Good porn
  • Lots of content
Review Cons
  • Too early in her career