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Keep2Share is one of the best file hosts out there for people that want to upload something quickly and for free. Without an account, you can provide a file up to 500 MB in size and the team at Keep 2 Share will keep it for you and allow others to download it should they have the link. Naturally, giving you the option to do this without paying is great, but most people are going to want to know what comes with a premium account. So, if you’re in the market for a file host, let me give you the quick rundown on Keep 2 Share and what you’ll find here with a paid account. I’ll be honest – the deal is almost as good as some of my exclusive porn discounts!

First off, for 90 days you’ll pay just $33 (currently offering 30 days free, but may not when you visit) and can upload files up to 5 GB in size. You can run simultaneous downloads, use FTP to upload and resume anything if it stops for any reason. Note that for some reason, Keep2Share currently limits downloads to 20 GB per day, with new accounts having a free 50 GB on top of that to use whenever they want. It’s not ideal, but probably better than some other options.

Review Pros

  • Good free options
  • Easy to use

Review Cons

  • Daily download limit