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MrPornGeek checks out Jav777

In my time as a porn reviewer, I have grown to love Japanese porn. This type of Asian porn has got to have some of the sexiest women ever in it. I mean, the size of the boobs on these women is crazy! I love Japanese women, and it is all thanks to sites like Jav777. Well, maybe not this porn site. Having been on this porn website for a while now, this is undoubtedly a very good site, but how does it compare to the best Japanese porn sites I have ever reviewed? That, my dear and sexy friends is what I am going to explore below.

Full-length Japanese porn videos on Jav777

One of the greatest things about Japanese porn is how long each porn scene is. Each porn scene is like a whole movie, and you get to watch all of a porn scene on Jav777. I have tried a few amazing porn scenes on this site so far, and the shortest one I have seen was two hours long! God bless Japanese porn, am I right?

All of the porn I have watched has also been HD, and it is has loaded surprisingly quickly considering its length. Also, Jav777 has the Japanese thumbnails that I love. The ones that are like DVD-covers. They are a bit smaller than on other Asian sites which can make it difficult to see what a porn scene is about, but that is pretty minor, though. Or it?

The few things I don’t like about Jav777

One of the things I ain’t keen about Jav777 is that the homepage of this site offers no translating options. So, back when I said the thumbnails on this site were small, suddenly you can see the Geek’s issue. I don’t speak Japanese. So, only having a small thumbnail to choose the porn from is suddenly quite the challenge.

Also, the amount of ads on Jav777 is pretty nuts too. My AdBlocker has been working fucking overtime on this site, and yet still, ads are present. There are ads in the layout, mixed in with the porn. There are pop-ups on videos and skippable ads too. I know that sites have got the coin to make, but the ads on Jav777 do make it difficult to enjoy the porn a bit.

Is Jav777 worth exploring?

So, is Jav777 the best Japanese porn site I have ever reviewed? No. there are Japanese sites available that have all of the good shit that this one does and none of the frustrating stuff. Jav777 is a good site and would have got an excellent review from me, had I not been on the other fantastic Japanese porn sites first. I think that Jav777 could quickly stop relying on ads and get us to pay for their fantastic porn, their porn is worth it, but the site isn’t quite there yet.

Review Pros
  • Full-length porn scenes
  • Stunning Japanese women
  • Really nice website design
Review Cons
  • Translations
  • Loads of ads