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Mr. Porn Geek’s review of Jane Burgess

I came across Jane Burgess when I was looking over on Many Vids (hers is available here) for videos of some ruthless chicks engaging in financial domination for a new project that I’m working on. After a little looking around her profile, I noticed that Jane has been quite active in the adult entertainment industry for a number of years. I can find material dating back to 2010 at a minimum, so it would appear that she’s quite committed to the world of adult entertainment. It also turns out that Jane Burgess is pretty active in the webcam community, so I figured it’d be a good idea to add her to my list here since she’s so damn fun to watch. Want to know more about Jane and what she’s bringing to the table? Continue down below for a full profile and Mr. Porn Geek’s professional opinion on what makes this camgirl, model, dominatrix and content producer so enjoyable to watch!

Kicking off with Jane Burgess’s social media

I like to look at social media quite a lot when it comes to camgirls I recommend: their outward profile is quite important for me to analyze and appreciate. Jane Burgess’s Twitter (@JaneBurgessAZ) currently boasts a following of over 25,000 fans and she’s incredibly active, posting multiple times per day. Turns out that Jane doesn’t just keep her Twitter focused on the smut either: she also likes to call out Antifa for their bullshit and talking about her efforts at the gym – turns out a good dicking isn’t the only thing that makes Jane Burgess sore! If you’re someone who’s just more interested in Instagram as a platform because you want to enjoy cheeky pictures and teasing content, Jane’s also available there. It seems like this babe likes to mix both personal posts with adult stuff – you never know what you’re getting when you visit her profile!

Okay, so now that the ‘normal’ social media is covered, shall we go into what you get with Jane when you go hunting around for the more explicit material? I’ll draw you back to her Many Vids profile where she has over 100 exclusive videos for you to check out. What’s great about Jane is that her range of content is so damn varied – we’re talking humiliation videos, financial domination, JOI talk and more on the fetish side of things, as well as more vanilla stuff, such as Jane swimming naked in a pool, masturbating outside and teasing with her natural 36 D tits. I’d say that Jane’s content is more on the kinky side of things – especially the foot fetish and humiliation stuff. If those two things get you rock solid, Jane’s the adult entertainer for you.

Other Jane Burgess content sources

If you thought that the fun stopped there, think again! Jane Burgess is also active on places such as I Want Phone, where things are really dialed up to 11 when it comes to domination. On I Want Phone, Jane demands that you call her Miss Jane, Mistress or Goddess – her profile is entirely devoted to fetish-based domination and she states quite clearly that you should not contact her unless you’re a sub that’s willing to ‘pay and obey’. Tough stuff, but perfect if you’re a slave that needs to be used and abused! Note that this platform is entirely voice-focused, so you’ll call Jane up for JOI, ass worship, financial domination and so on. She also has a I Want Clips store that houses basically the same content that’s available on her Many Vids account.

Are you someone that’s more interested in vanilla engagements? Chat Funn is the place for you if so. Over there, Jane’s personality switches to being a ‘natural girl next door’ with a fun personality and juicy booty. You can have cam chats directly with Jane or just write messages to each other – she even has a few of her favorite images from the model days that you might want to check out and squeeze your snake while you’re looking at them. Since this section is all about camgirls though – let’s get into what the live sex experience is like with Jane.

First off, the best way to get down and dirty with Jane on a webcam is via Live Cam Model Shows or alternatively, Skype Private. Based on her Twitter posts it would appear that the Skype Private website is her preferred method of contact, but if you’re already familiar with LCMS and trust them, that’s an option too. Jane’s webcam shows are $4 a minute as a base rate and she only offers domination as a service (no general camming without the kinky side). Some fetishes covered include cuckolding, humiliation, foot worship, sissy training and more. Jane also offers custom content creation at a rate of $10 a minute – not a bad deal if you ask me! Do note that Jane Burgess will NOT mess around with any bullshit: only contact her if you’re a genuine sub that wants to be drained of your masculinity, income or confidence. You’re wasting your time if you think that Jane’s going to do anything other than what she states – trust me, this mistress means business!

Some final thoughts on Jane Burgess

I’ve always had a thing for busty chicks that have amazingly blonde hair – Jane’s exactly that and since she’s been around for so long, you know that you’re getting the real deal when it comes to enjoying her content. Since she’s so active on so many platforms, it tells me that Jane’s all about offering a great service and making the men she interacts with happy (or miserable if that’s what they desire!). All in all, a fantastic live performer if you’re keen on being dominated – check her out and be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

Review Pros
  • Hot blonde MILF
  • Great dominatrix options
  • Active on social media
Review Cons
  • No non-fetish shows
  • No platform streaming