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I never really used iChan back in the day, but in recent years I have heard that this has become a popular destination for people to find adult content. It might not be as populated as the competition, but it’s designed just as well and has a heap of focus upon pornography pleasures.

There are around 15 different boards including sexy girls, camwhores, amateurs, teens, traps and if you’re a little more freaky, furry, hentai and the rest. As a word of warning, there is lolicon here which isn’t exactly great if you’re browsing from Australia (it’s not allowed there). So yeah, just stay safe if you are from down under: avoid the hentai boards.

The teens board is where I imagine most of you will go and there are just over 13,000 posts there. Most of the content is good, but a few posts are spammy and not exactly what I’d consider to be worthy of an anonymous image board. I saw some MILFs spammed in the teen area too – I mean, if you’re going to shit post, at least do it in the same niche!

The confessions board is another popular destination on iChan.org and for good reason too. People post the most shocking shit here. Its rated 18+ for a reason! Another board that’s worth your time is the “sexy NSFW” board which also happens to be one of the most active areas on this site. Curious about a girl or a movie? Post your question on the requests board! Anyway, if the other boards have let you down, check out iChan and see what you can uncover. It’s not a bad destination when all is said and done.

Review Pros
  • Lots of boards
  • Some great amateur material
Review Cons
  • Spammy posts
  • Not as big as other sites