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Girlscanner is an adult blog devoted to, well, girls. The name should’ve given that away, but if you weren’t too sure, now you know! Sometimes I come across places that have been around and published so much, I have no choice but to talk about them. This is definitely the case when it comes to Girlscanner, since this place has been around for a huge number of years and has over 50,000 archived pages of posts – that’s a lot of adult entertainment to say the very least! Anyway, let’s have a good look at Girlscanner now and discuss what’s going on here and why I think it’s a good porn blog.

Variety of content

Some sites out there focus on teen girls, other prefer ebony babes, or BBW MILFs: the great news is that no matter what type of adult entertainment you feel like getting your hands on, Girlscanner is going to be able to provide you with it. These guys mainly take content from a number of paysites, so you’re going to see the likes of porn from Fucking Fit, Deepthroat Sirens, Legal Porno, Analized and more. The biggest paysites out there actually have categories on the left-hand side, so if you want to see what’s available from Hard X, Blacked, Evil Angel and so on, these are the links you’re going to want to utilize.

How it works

Note that unlike a lot of blogs that I recommend, nothing hosted at Girlscanner is actually stored locally: this is all off-site stuff that’s just kept in a library-like format for people to take a look at. Now I don’t think it takes a genius to work out that Girlscanner is probably ripping a lot of material that it shouldn’t, but I’ve spoken a lot in the past about third-party hosting for porn content and I can think of legitimate reasons for why someone might want to use this service. I won’t judge, but I do hope that if you’re downloading these videos directly from Girlscanner, you’re supporting the production of the content with a site membership.

Quantity and quality

I’d estimate that between 100 to 200 new uploads are added to the Girlscanner blog on a daily basis: that’s a lot of porn if you ask me! Like I mentioned earlier, all of the content here is entirely produced by professional studios, meaning that you’re going to see some very crazy porn from different avenues. There’s no one-size-fits-all definition of what’s provided at Girlscanner, other than the fact that it’s coming from the best production companies around in the modern era.

Note that you can download a few clips without having to grab a membership to one of the file lockers, but chances are you’re going to want to subscribe if you want to download a lot. That’s basically how these places keep themselves afloat: offer a few videos for free and at a low speed, but you’ll have to fork out some money if you want a huge quantity of smut. Girlscanner currently supports uploads via Rapidgator and Uploaded: clips are typically either 720p or 1080p with decent birates.

Other considerations

Girlscanner doesn’t have many adverts and I didn’t see any popups while I was there either: as far as I’m concerned, that’s pretty fucking cool. I hate sites that pollute your computer with nonsense but Girlscanner keeps it 100 and doesn’t mind providing a minimal advert environment. It’s clearly quite a basic operation too, since there are a few spelling errors around the place and the design isn’t the most modern. You don’t need an account, but you can register if you want to leave comments and do a few other things. One of the biggest is full website search – you can only look for titles if you’re a guest.

Final thoughts

I had fun using Girlscanner, but it’s mainly a place you visit every few days to grab a few premium videos and then don’t come back to. Like I said, content here is hosted off-site, so it’s more a library over anything else. A few more categories and better organization wouldn’t go amiss, but on the whole I think that these guys have done a good job of creating a porn blog that they can be proud of.

Is it the best adult entertainment destination that the Internet has to offer? Probably not, but it’s far from the worst either. Check out Girlscanner today and get a nice mixed bag of hardcore porn from multiple studios – it’s cracking fun!

Review Pros

  • Easy to use
  • No account needed
  • Lots of porn

Review Cons

  • Dated design
  • Some stolen content