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Putting Damp Lips on blast

Well if it isn’t you, back again reading another Mr. Porn Geek review! The talk of the town right now is on porn blogs, so I thought it would be prudent to go ahead and write up a fresh batch of reviews on high quality websites that I think you’re going to cherish. One of the first places I came across goes by the name Damp Lips and by all accounts, it’s a perfect source of adult entertainment for those who are serious about getting their hands on a huge batch of real, top quality smut from the best suppliers in the business. You’re probably looking to learn more, so continue below as I head on over to this promising site and give you all the information you need to know about it.

My professional opinion on Damp Lips

So the first thing I’m going to mention is that while the Damp Lips blog is displayed chronologically, they currently have a pinned post on their homepage with two gamer girls getting their pussies pounded by some lucky stud. Scroll down past this post to see the latest releases, which seem to be added to the blog anywhere from 2 to 5 times per day. You’ll soon notice a theme across the material here on Damp Lips: it’s almost all from professional studios. Even when clicking on the amateur porn link in the sidebar, you’ll be taken to a collection of clips that feature girls who clearly signed a contract before getting down and dirty. They’re still young and fresh-faced, but none of the scenes here appear to be created by the people involved – it’s always a professional cameraman behind the lens.

The categories explored

So I mentioned the amateur porn category just before and I’m happy to see that it has over 600 posts created: there are several more in the same section that you can select if you want to enjoy a specific type of smut. For instance, 83 posts are tagged under the Asian section, 676 in teen sex and just under 300 from the lesbian area of the blog. I’d say that the content here is almost all vanilla in nature, so if you were looking for some freak show porn or even BDSM, you’re probably going to want to go elsewhere. This is for guys who like their fucking and sucking to be straight-up and standard. I’m also pleased with the number of posts here – DampLips.com started back in November of 2015, so it’s been quite a few years of getting smut collected in one place for these dudes.

What the content actually is

Okay, I’ve made it this far without actually talking about what Damp Lips features, so I guess I should go over that first. You’ve probably noticed my recent love and exploration of porn which features black girls, so to detail what Damp Lips is, I’ve picked this post to go off of. It stars Demi Sutra and some white guy with a thick cock that she loves to get down and dirty with. Now right at the top of each individual archive page, a video is clickable that will run you through a decent sample of the upload and a link to the full-length clip if you want to grab it from the premium site it hails from. Damp Lips’ trailers are actually quite stellar: they last about 10 minutes in length and run at a terrific quality, plus you can right-click and ‘save is’ for a local storage solution. The servers run at around 1.3 MB/s – not the fastest speed imaginable, but I’m certainly not going to be crying since the smut is completely free of charge!
Elsewhere on the page, there’s a convenient download link (if you don’t want to right-click), the ability to ‘watch later’ (which will be added to a special list for you) and also a comment function if you want to leave your thoughts on a specific post. I was actually amazed at just how many comments each post got here: seems like I’m not the only one who’s been checking out the smut on Damp Lips. Elsewhere on the page, you can scroll down to the very bottom for a list of frequently searched keywords and the most recent searches performed. Turns out that people really like squirting porn, MILFs and massages: who would have thought?

The things that Damp Lips could improve on

You should know by now that Mr. Porn Geek isn’t just about promoting the best and ignoring the worst: I want you to be confident that you’re reading the review of a man who knows how to be critical when he needs to be. That’s why I’ve decided to include this little section on improvements that I think could be made at Damp Lips to enhance the user experience. So, let’s break down where DampLips.com falls short of expectations.

First up, the mobile experience here is horrific – the website doesn’t have any responsiveness at all, so it just renders the whole desktop website on your phone. This is okay if you’ve got a big screen like me, but if you’re running an older device or just something with a small form factor, the experience here is less than enjoyable. In fact, I’d argue that the experience on Damp Lips simply isn’t good enough to recommend for mobile users.

Second, the website doesn’t offer encrypted access to its content: no HTTPS these days is basically asking for trouble, so I’d like to see that changed sooner rather than later. I also feel that the sidebar runs on for a little too long with adverts and the like: that could be changed and fixed pretty easily, which would make viewing a little more smooth. That last point isn’t a major criticism and isn’t going to bother man people, but I’ve got an idea for nice layouts and this isn’t exactly one of them.

Your favorite pornstars on tap

One thing I neglected to mention before going over the negatives here is the fact that if you’ve got a favorite pornstar, Damp Lips might have a tag associated with her so you can see all of the scenes she’s ever appeared in on the website. Case in point: click on this link to view Riley Reid’s shoots that have been indexed by DampLips.com: there are dozens of posts that she’s been associated with over the years. Same applies to the likes of Kendra Lust, Dillion Harper and Mr. Porn Geek’s favorite MILF, Brandi Love. Small features like this really do make blogs that much more easy to recommend: accessibility when you’re jerking off is of utmost importance.

My conclusion on Damp Lips

I think I’ve said pretty much everything I can on this blog: it’s not the most complicated website on the planet, but it does the job of showing you all the hottest vanilla action you could ever want from the largest studios around. I can obviously see some areas of improvement, but on the whole I’m not in the least bit worried that you won’t enjoy what you find on the other side. As far as free samples for XXX entertainment goes, few do it better than this particular blog. Head on over to Damp Lips now and see your favorite world-class fuckers in action!

Review Pros

  • Hundreds of videos
  • Free to use
  • Daily content updates

Review Cons

  • Not great on mobile
  • Average download speeds