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Fuck Me Harder Please hasn’t really updated all that much in recent years, but I had a lot of fun checking this place out many years ago, so I figured it was worth chucking a shout because I’m sentimental like that. Anyway, yeah – FuckMeHarder-Please.Tumblr.com has an archive that dates all the way back to April 2012 and updated for a year solid with many updates. The main content that the owner enjoyed sharing was black and white GIFs, typically of vanilla sex, with a bit of a focus on the girl being dominated and submissive to her male partner.

The design is very basic and to be honest, I recommend using Tum View if you want to actually enjoy what’s here: the page can break randomly and will stop you scrolling down, which isn’t good at all. Anyway, I’ll let you go ahead now and jerk off to what’s on Fuck Me Harder Please – it’s certainly one of the original porn blogs on Tumblr that did the concept of sharing free artsy porn better than the rest.

Review Pros

  • Good content
  • Deep archive

Review Cons

  • No longer updates
  • Blog can glitch