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If you’ve looked at Mr. Porn Geek’s reviews of adult games at any point over the last few days, you’ll notice that I’m a big fan of Nutaku. These guys produce some of the best porn games around and today, I’m going to be taking a look at a pretty fresh release from them. FoxyNite was launched on Nutaku in August of 2018: it actually started off as a mobile game, but they’ve ported it to the PC if that’s your gig. One thing I will mention ahead of time is that FoxyNite needs to be downloaded in order to be played. I know this puts a lot of people off (I personally don’t mind, but that’s because I trust both Nutaku and my anti-virus program!) so yeah: just warning you that you’ll need to install the game locally to play it.

Initial impressions

After downloading FoxyNite, you’ll have to allow the game to grab a few more files from the official Nutaku servers that contains the bulk of the gameplay. While the installer is around 70 megabytes, the actual game is quite a bit larger. As of the start of 2019, the total FoxyNite folder once fully downloaded is around 300 megabytes – not huge, but not tiny either! Once installed, you’ll have the choice between playing in English or Korean. One major problem I have here is that to represent English, FoxyNite uses the American flag. I mean, really? Was the Union Jack or English flag too obscure for people to notice what it meant?

It’s very obvious that FoxyNite’s PC client is basically an emulator for an Android game: it doesn’t feel like it’s a native computer release, which I’m not a big fan of. It reminds me of how gaming studios these days have to dumb down the latest blockbuster hits because people want to play them on PlayStation and Xbox. You also can’t go full screen in FoxyNite: you’ll be required to play in windowed mode. Maybe I should have written this review using my phone – oh well, too late for me to go back now! Let’s just hope that there’s nothing else too problematic down the road. The trailer for this game looked so good.

Character selection

After selecting a name, FoxyNite will let you pick between three different characters: Lucy, Kai and Nea. I decided to go with the little girl (who’s actually 18 years old, so it’s totally okay, man) because she seemed pretty cool: I also made her hair blue and selected the white dress because she looked totally cute with this combination. I had to wait around 20 seconds for my character to be created, so if it hangs for you, don’t worry – you will eventually get through to the game itself. You’ll start the tutorial straight away after character selection – the action isn’t slow here: they want you killing enemies in no time at all!

The mobile focus is clear

When the game begins, you’ll have the choice to have the character move automatically for you or to manually control both the direction and skills that you use. You can choose to tap on the screen to perform various actions or to use hotkeys: WASD is for movement, whereas Q, E, R and Spacebar are used for various other functions. The game is actually really fluid once you get into it – I just wished their tutorial had explained the hotkey situation. I spent the first 20 minutes here clicking around before I accidentally hit my Q button and it did a skill for me. Nutaku is typically on the ball about this type of thing, although I’m guessing that a large chunk of the player base for this particular title are all on their phones as opposed to actual computers.

Gameplay elements of FoxyNite

The game isn’t overly complicated, but it does feel quite cool when you do various combinations and just destroy dozens of enemies. There are so games out there that make you almost godly and that give you lots of positive vibes – I feel this way with FoxyNite. It has a little tactical aspect to it, but by and large this is a hack and slash aimed to make you feel real powerful and awesome. I can certainly see the appeal for mobile gamers in that regard: FoxyNite does a good job of showing us what the modern era of gaming on the go looks like: especially where MMOs are concerned. I actually got some TERA vibes from this – I played a Sorcerer way back in the day and the combo spam gave me flashbacks to taking down Fane of Kaprima when it was still in beta. Those were the days!

Further considerations of the game

Mr. Porn Geek spent about 90 minutes going through various levels, summoning handy drones to assist me in battle and somehow getting robots to die gory, bloody deaths from my magical 18-year old disk chucking angel: I enjoyed the time I spent trying this game out and I think most people looking for a good game on their mobile will be happy with what they find here. Note that for the first 30 minutes or so, you won’t be seeing much anime porn at all: it’s a little more complicated than just seeing hardcore hentai as soon as you load the game up! FoxyNite takes things nice and slow, meaning that you’ve got to actually show you’re switched on before you’re given the goodies.

The first collection you get is after defeating Behemoth in Planet Karma Stage 5: it’s not a particularly difficult fight and you should be just fine if you use your noggin for a minute or two. Once that’s done, you’ll go into a ‘Supernova’ mode which has you shooting loads of enemies like those weird robot squids from The Matrix. Go to your ‘Collection’ on the homepage after this for some great 3D rendered hentai! It looks pretty damn good on the PC: I only wish I could watch the anime fucking and sucking in full high definition.

Is it porn focused enough?

One ‘criticism’ I could have for this game is that while it’s on the lewd side, I’m not convinced it’s really a purely adult game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun and the characters look hot: you’re just going to struggle to get a jerking session off in any reasonable length of time compared to a number of other great titles out there. FoxyNite is probably one of the most gameplay focused releases that Nutaku has, so I think that if you’re okay waiting for your porn, this is probably a good game to go for. Come to think of it, since it’s mainly marketed at the mobile market, this is quite the competitive offering. Do note that currently, FoxyNite is only available on Android devices – iPhone users will have to go without!

Some other considerations

I think that while many of the Nutaku releases are good for desktop PCs, I’d recommend people don’t play this on their computer. It’s not bad, but the low resolution makes everything feel a bit dated and unattractive. There are plenty of better games – many available on Nutaku – that put this one to shame on the computer, so best to leave this particular release to the folks who are gaming on the go. That said, I’m sure there are plenty of you PC gamers who will go ahead and download the client anyway: don’t let me stop you, because as I said, it was still a fun experience – I just feel like it’s not ported well enough to Windows for me to find it enjoyable. I am a member of the Glorious PC Master Race though, so I have high standards when it comes to what’s allowed to tax my 1070.

Final things to note

On the whole, FoxyNite did a good job of keeping me around: there are daily missions, equipment to unlock, some tough battles and skill-based elements that don’t make it all too easy to play. Is there hentai? Yeah, of course – but it’s few and far between. I feel like many people will just get hooked on FoxyNite for the gameplay and forget about the sex element: they hold regular events here and you can even join guilds and do multi-player raids with your friends. Everything FoxyNite is selling, I’m completely buying!

Speaking of buying: the game is 100% free to play, but you can purchase upgrades and the like to improve your character quicker than it would naturally progress. The game also has purely cosmetic upgrades too, so if you want to buy a new outfit or something, knock yourself out.

All in all, FoxyNite is another good Nutaku project that I feel more comfortable recommending to my mobile readers over anyone else. If you’re on your PC – read my other reviews of great XXX games to see what I’d suggest as an alternative.

Review Pros
  • Great 3D design
  • Lots of features
  • Free to play
Review Cons
  • Average PC port
  • Can have network issues