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As bandwidth becomes more plentiful, the ability to store whatever you have in the cloud is something more people are treating as a viable strategy for their Internet experience. With an unlimited upload and download policy, File Factory is one solution that many people would be foolish for not considering. I mean, it’s basically like a lot of other file hosts out there, but since they’ve been in the game for 12 years, it’s kind of obvious to see that you get what you pay for and wisdom comes with age!

Like many places that allow you to host files, I highly recommend you consider getting a premium account. A pass for a whole year is just $94 and gives you zero adverts, unlimited download speed and an unlimited number of downloads too – practically anything you could want will be on your hard drive in a matter of minutes, given you have a fast enough connection. File Factory’s experience in the industry is not to be questioned and they sure know what’s what when it comes to high quality cloud storage solutions.

Review Pros

  • 12-year experience
  • Super fast servers

Review Cons

  • Limited free service
  • Slow non-premium speed