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Let the fapping begin

After clicking on the link below and navigating over to the FapTitans homepage, you’ll be presented with an immediate ability to play the game: no account required! The action here is almost instant, which I think makes it pretty damn cool in the grand scheme of things.

What’s more, FapTitans is entirely browser based, so you haven’t got to download anything in order to start playing. Mr. Porn Geek is all about making sure you folks at home receive the best porn games ever – at FapTitans it’s so far, so good!

Your first task

So you’ve got a Yapping Orc that you’re required to kill: you do this by left-clicking on it until its health bar drops to zero. You’re automatically given gold after defeating each and every enemy: this saves you time so you can focus on the action of clicking. After defeating the first 9 enemies, Fap Titans gives you the ability to hire Heroes that will attack on your behalf: Akira Hitsujikai is the first one you can pick and she’s only 10 coins – pretty inexpensive! Your next task will be to take down the Normal Tentacle Beast: he’s got 116 hit points, so I hope you’re ready to grind your fingers down smashing that clicker!

Once you’re done smashing the first real enemies of the game, Fap Titans offers you the ability to purchase a starter pack: this stays in your store as a special deal for 48 hours, so if you’re still not sure whether or not you want to play this game long-term, it might be an idea to hold off until you’re completely sure.

There are actually two starter packs – a novice one for $2 and a much larger one at $29.99. Epoch is the payment processor behind Fap Titans, so you’re in safe hands. Currently, they accept funding via all major credit cards (including Diner’s Club, JCB and Maestro) as well as PayPal and Paysafecard. Quite the range of choices if you’re serious about spending a few bucks on a porn game.

More details on the gameplay

I’ll have to admit: I cheated a little because I’ve got a Steelseries mouse that gave me left-click powers unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Is it cheating? Technically. Do I care? No! FapTitans rewards you every so often with chests and in these chests, you’ll find the hentai you desire.

Around this time, you’re given the option to verify your email address, which will result in you getting +10 DPC, 5 tickets and 100% drop rate increase on coins: pretty damn crazy if you ask me. I verified to speed up the rate at which my hentai collection developed and boy, does your catalog fill up quick! The bigger fights usually yield you some sexy spoils: the artwork is pretty damn fantastic too – I have to commend these guys on that front.

You’ve also got achievements at Fap Titans that give you small bonuses for reaching certain requirements. For instance, saving up 500,000 gold will give you a 1% DPS reward (you can spend the money after), you’re also given stuff like initial click damage boosts for managing to click a certain number of times within a second.

Difficulty increases quick

So Fap Titans gets pretty damn hard around level 24: you’ll have to manage your coins in a sensible fashion if you’ve got any hope of making it up into the higher sections of the game. One cool thing you can do is leave Fap Titans running in the background if your army is strong enough: they’ll slowly start to farm up coins for you and when you return, you’ll have the ability to go guns blazing on the boss after upgrading your chicks.

I think it’s fair to say that for the most part, Fap Titans is a clicker game with elements of strategy and resource management: it’s not difficult in terms of actually going through the motions of what to do, but if you don’t invest wisely then you’re going to be waiting quite some time until you can beat certain bosses. I’m also going to stress here that Fap Titans is a freemium game – if you’re not happy with sitting around, don’t hesitate to break out the credit card in order to get more great hentai!

Some final considerations

Fap Titans is actually owned and operated by a company called Hooligapps: they’ve created lots of other titles such as Pussy Saga, Sex Gangsters and Cunt Wars. I recommend you check my XXX games page to read reviews on these particular games: I’ve gone into quite extensive depths to explain what each one does and how I rate them. While I actually do rate Fap Titans as being quite an enjoyable game, I would say that the rest of the available releases from Hooligapps are more enjoyable. That’s not to say you won’t have fun here, I just think that there’s more going on elsewhere that people will enjoy.

The theme of Fap Titans is just a bit strange for me – it feels a bit cramped and you’re going to be waiting around quite a lot of the time just to farm resources so you can progress onto the next boss. It feels grindy, plus if you’re not equipped with a crazy mouse that’s capable of doing macros, you’ll probably end up in quite a bit of stress from all the repeated clicking.


This isn’t my favorite porn game, but it’s not my least favorite either. Fap Titans does bring something to the table and I rate it quite high compared to what a few other destinations are offering, but Hooligapps has some stellar products and I think you might be better suited to playing those before choosing this particular game. It’s good, but not great. That’s the best way to describe Fap Titans.

Review Pros

  • Regular patch notes
  • Easy to play
  • Free to try

Review Cons

  • Gets challenging quick
  • Lots of grinding