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HEY this website no longer offers porn torrents click here to see ones that do

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UPDATE: OCTOBER 2018 РExtra Torrent no longer offers adult torrents. Click here to see which torrent websites to use instead

All of the readers here on my site seem to love Mr. Porn Geek’s commitment to torrents, so I figured it was a good idea to share a few more places for you to check out. Today, it’s ExtraTorrent.cc – a pretty old site that I used a long time ago and nowadays, it’s still kicking around and providing a good search engine interface for anyone that wants to find high quality content. I should mention from the start that ExtraTorrent.cc is not 100% porn focused, although it has no issue with displaying adult results and sharing those torrents with you.

When you hit the front page of the site, scroll down a little to see a category called ‘Adult / Porn Torrents’. I highly recommend you check out the popular torrents area for this to get the best around, but just to give you an idea of scale, Extra Torrent currently indexes 1.9 million adult torrents. It also has sub-categories, such as anime, books, DVDs, games, wallpapers and more. The most seeded torrents are DVDs from Japan and professional content from studios like Brazzers and Reality Kings. Truth be told, this place is fantastic for adult torrent searchers.

Review Pros

  • 1.9 million porn torrents
  • Good categories

Review Cons

  • Some scummy adverts
  • Not devoted to porn
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