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Empornium is a porn tracker that looks at torrents in the adult entertainment world. Note that unlike a hell of a lot of other porn trackers out there, Empornium.me requires you to sign up before you head inside. It’s a little old fashioned, I know, but once inside you’re going to be able to take a look through a bunch of DVD rips, site content and other goodies that you usually have to pay in order to see. As a disclaimer, I do hope that if you find some porn on this torrent engine that you enjoy, handing over a little bit of cash by way of a membership to the original location it came from is something you should practice. These sluts you see don’t fuck for free: they need a payday too!

File this under things you must know because its very important – signing up for an account at Empornium is by invitation only. So far just over 100,000 users have gotten the invite so clearly these guys are very picky as to who they let into their circle but if you know the right channels to hangout at, I’m sure you can snag one.

As with most sites like it, Empornium requires members to maintain a certain ratio. This keeps the site going at its current rate. To that end, they offer incentives like credits and medals for certain activities. The more active you are in the community, the more medals and awards you rack up. You can score medals for just about everything on the site like filling requests, seeding, uploading and so on.

Anyway, the torrents here are updated fairly frequently, but some other sites do so at a much faster rate. Most of the material is professional, but you’ll also be able to get your hands on some amateur content that has formed as a massive dump from someone who’s got way too much time on their hands. It might not be the best porn torrent site, but it’s pretty damn good.

Review Pros
  • Good site design
  • Updates fairly often
Review Cons
  • Mostly professional content
  • Need an account
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