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For free hosting, I don’t think any other site has the kind of deal that Data File does. See, at Data File, free users can upload files up to 10 GB in size: that’s absolutely incredible! Premium users have this bumped up to 30 GB and of course, if you’re thinking about downloading or uploading a lot of content, using storage hosts such as this one is a good way to go. Data File has a nice design and signing up is a piece of cake: all you need is an email address and you’re good to go!

Premium membership to Data File currently works out to be $54.99 for 180 days and that gives you 8 TB of bandwidth, 3 TB of storage and the ability to pay with Credit Card, Bitcoin and Paypal if you go through one of the resellers. The whole process is a piece of cake and after talking to the support team, it seems as if they can handle even the thickest of bandwidth hogs. If you want to share or simply store, Data File’s got the ability to provide you with a top quality solution to both. Pay a visit today and you’ll see what I mean!

Review Pros

  • Very fast
  • Good support team

Review Cons

  • Limited bandwidth (very high)