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Cuckold Video Clips

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NOTICE: Mr. Porn Geek no longer recommends this website, the review will expire soon…There is plenty of better porn blogs to chose from Click Here

Since it started back in May of 2005, Cuckold Video Clips has been a blog devoted to the idea of hotwives sharing their bodies with anyone that knows how to pleasure a mature woman. This is an amateur-themed cuckold destination that looks at real-life cuckold action, not that fake stuff you see in porn! It has a heap of stories about women dogging, wives that love swinging and of course, the classic cuckold experience. New posts are added to the archive of Cuckold Video Clips about once every 4 days – not bad considering it’s done this for many, many years!

Note that while the name is Cuckold Video Clips, this is much more of a blog and text themed site for the most part. Don’t worry though: the navigation on the left-hand side of the page can take you to some picture pages and if you click the clips link, you’ll see real amateur wives enjoying some cock from other men. Some people even include their emails so you can get in touch and offer up some cock. This is much more of a lifestyle destination devoted to cuckolding than a pure porn destination: if you’re into that, this is where it all goes on.

Review Pros

  • Great amateur content
  • Regular updates
  • Free cuckold videos

Review Cons

  • Design could be better