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For those of you looking for a good affiliate program that offers hundreds of deals on a number of products, you’re going to love Crak Revenue. I’ve made thousands of dollars over the years with various projects and know better than anyone that they’ll go out of their way to ensure that you’re a happy affiliate. Their FAQ section has a bunch of high quality articles on how to be a webmaster, as well as lots of useful tools to make sure you’re maximizing the return on your advertising space.

Note that recently, Crak Revenue went into a beta for their 2.0 affiliate service. I’ve played with it a little and while it’s not great, the design and advanced advertising metrics all work well together to ensure you’re getting the details you need about the adverts you’re running. They’ve won a number of awards over the years and because they’re based in Canada, you can trust them to be honest about their business and pay when they say they’re going to pay. Only real downside is the net 30 payment schedule which should really be fixed.

Review Pros
  • Hundreds of products
  • Great support team
Review Cons
  • Pay 30 days after period