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Lately, you guys have been asking for more reviews of escort service directories. I guess you are getting pretty tired of jerking off and looking to step it up a notch or two? Well, you guys know Mr. Porn Geek likes to make wishes come true and I’ve kept myself busy exploring some of the sites in the niche. For this purpose, the standards were kinda higher and I wanted to raise the bar a bit in order to find something you guys would really appreciate. While a couple of sites were in contending, won the shootout and the spot in this review. So, let’s get to it.

City X Guide, a place to find escort babes

When you look for an escort directory, you are greeting with an incredible number of fake sites and false advertisement and that seems to be a growing problem on the Web. That’s why places like should be cherished and appreciated. The most important thing you get from the main page is the idea of just how many girls are offering their services on City X Guide. A lot of countries and cities are represented and you will have quite an easy time finding an escort in your vicinity. The other thing worth mentioning is that these are not fake babes and schemes like those “there is girl 2km away from you” things. It’s a directory of valid escort babes, both independent ones and ones that are part of a larger service. So right from the start, you really do get what you are looking for.

The main page is sort of an overview of all the countries and cities you can find listings in. Naturally, the United States is represented the most, but you would be surprised just how many other countries and cities are on the list as well. From there, it’s a simple navigation process to getting to a precise location. Once you get down to the babe that piques your interest, it’s not a convoluted process to get in touch with her. You get her number, her direct number and it’s smooth sailing from there. It’s not a website that you have to visit and register, pay for subscriptions and other stuff, it’s simple and direct. This is good folks because there are no charges, no paper trail you leave behind. It’s simple and discrete.

Are the girls real and can you meet them for real?

This is the most common question I get asked regarding escort directories and websites that offer escort services. And, for most sites, it’s a gamble. But not for City X Guide though. the fact that you don’t have to register and leave your credit card info tells a lot about the website. It tells me that they have no interest in false advertising and offering fake services. So, their business model depends on the girls advertising and the ads they serve for their visitors. This means that the information on the website is genuine most of the time. Sometimes it happens to be outdated a bit, especially for smaller towns and countries, but still genuine. While doing this review, Mr. Porn Geek went really deep and tracked down user testimonials for Overwhelmingly positive. But you are probably not interested in user reviews of the site itself, you are interested in the girls, right? So let’s talk about them for a minute.

One of the drawbacks of the directory is the lack of filtering options, apart from the location of the girl. This can make things a bit harder and you might have to spend some time tracking down a girl that matches your preference. But apart from that, you will have a blast even just browsing through the offers. And you can spot the “fake ones” right away. When a girl leaves no direct number or means to contact her, it’s probably not worth your time. That doesn’t mean she is false advertising, it means she is probably part of a brothel or a service. But if there is a direct number left in the contact, go ahead and contact her. From there, it’s your own judgment but my guess is you are going to stumble into great babes most of the time. Many of these girls are independent escorts and they use to find clients. Many of them are also camgirls and they post their webcam address in the description so you can actually see them in action before you decide to contact them. What Mr. Porn Geek especially appreciated is the number lookup feature for all the girls who leave their phone number. With a single click, you can search the web and see if this girl advertises on other sites with the same number. This will also allow you to decide if she’s for real or not.

Clever features on City X Guide

Running this type of a business model is quite risky, financially, and has been in business for a while. That means that their users are pretty happy with the service. I’ve looked a bit deeper into the site and found lots of reason for satisfaction. One of them is the self-moderating feature that allows users to report ads that they know are fake. Underneath every posting, there is a convenient little button that notifies administrators and other users of potentially fraudulent behavior. This means that as you browse and explore, you are actually making the whole community better and help regulate the content itself.

The other clever feature I really like is the safe browsing option. With a single click, you can disable images from being loaded and this is a really neat feature, especially if you are browsing the directory from your phone in a public place. And when you think about it, most often you’ll be looking for escorts on your phone while you are away from home.

Speaking of traveling, there is also a nice index of strip clubs and bikini bars that you can search for in a particular location. So even if you can’t find an escort in your town or the town you are visiting, check out if there are strip clubs and other similar establishments listed. Chances are, you will find one to satisfy your needs.

Other details

One of the details you will definitely appreciate at least the same as I did is the public pricing. Many escorts in addition to details regarding services and contact information, publicly display their pricing as well. This means you can immediately find out how much does it cost for her company and what she does for that price. This feature, although seems simple, is missing from many other escort directories. Also, there are quick access tabs for live cam shows and porn games on the top of the page. With all these details, you can see that the people behind really pay attention to the users and are taking every suggestion seriously.

Business model and ads

Like I already mentioned, you don’t have to register on City X Guide to use it nor do you have to pay anything. That is because you are served with an ad the first time you load the page. Although ads can be quite annoying, they are basically inevitable on most of the free sites these days. And if that is the price to pay for having access to exclusive escort babes listing, it’s a price we are all gladly prepared to pay. In terms of business model and the deal with escort babes, I haven’t been able to find that part out, but I do have a meeting with one of the escorts scheduled down the line and I will find that out as well. But for now, all you need to know is this; City X Guide is free-to-use escort directory that lists a lot of escorts and the list keeps growing. You don’t have to register to use it and you don’t have to pay anything to use it.

Final Thoughts on

In the opening paragraph I mentioned that the bar has been raised for this review and in the closing one, I should only state that CityXGuide cleared it with room to spare. It’s a simple and elegant platform that provides actual contact information to the escort ladies and it does not require login or a credit card to use. Apart from ads being shown the first time you load up the page, it’s a smooth sailing from start to finish. With the standards as high as they are in the escort industry today, and the plethora of sites that can’t even come close to, you can say that Mr. Porn Geek’s approval has been well-deserved for this one.

Review Pros
  • Simple to use
  • Free
  • Provides valid information
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  • Has ads