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ChatRandom Sex Chat Site Review

This is a very different type of site that you may be used to. Upon loading up the site you are presented with  a big white box that says Welcome to Chatrandom! Enjoy Instant Random Video Chat. At the time of the writing of this review it shows that 2,952,316 Joined Chatrandom and under that it wants you to select your gender, click the box and click start. If your camera is not enabled, it will ask you to enable it.

I just clicked close so that I could check the site out. It is definitely randomly going from chat room to chat room and showing me lots of guys. After about five minutes it showed only guys and no girls. So I’ll take a look around the site and see what else is going on. Ok so what I see now is that there is a button to click that is a pink heart that says girls. You actually must join for free because that is only available to registered members. The cameras are actually very clear but it depends on the camera that each person has on their computer, tablet or phone. Some are more clear than others.

There are other features to the site such as Random Chat, Chat Rooms, Gay Chat and Cam4 Video Chat which lets you chat with 4 people at the same time. The site also allows you to choose the language that you speak. There is a little mask icon so you could actually put on a virtual mask so that people can’t see your face. If you scroll down you will see that there is also an app that you can download instead of using the website itself. They boast super-fast connection times. Below that they give helpful tips for using the site or app. They say to use a bright light, that’s kind of obvious. Be polite with strangers, keep your face visible in the webcam, get to know strangers before pressing next and report users that are breaking the rules.

My favorite parts of ChatRandom

Its a pretty cool system that can be used totally for free if you are a guy looking for guys or if you are a girl looking to chat with guys. However, if you are a dude and want to chat with girls you must register to use the system. I like that there is an app that you can use and not just the website itself. Makes it more interesting and better to use while on the move.

Things I did not like of ChatRandom

I don’t like the fact that if you are a guy you need to register before chatting with women but that does not suprise me in the least and makes sense. I would think that there are way more guys on the system than girls. Overall the site is pretty nice and if its the type of thing that you like it will work very well for you.

The Bottom Line about ChatRandom

Overall the site is very easy to use with really quick loading and the videos are nice and clear. Its good that they have the little mask feature in case you just don’t want to show your face right away and can remove that at any time. Its awesome that you can download the app and use it on your phone, tablet or while you travel. Its definitely a great idea for a site, in this day and age of quick communication and fleeting romances and rendezvous with strangers that sometimes people crave for excitement.

Final Thoughts about ChatRandom

Definitely a site or app worth checking out just for the pure curiosity of it. The site is unique and designed very well and it loads quickly. You will have no trouble with the quick free registration. It merely asks for an email and password then you get an email to confirm that you are really who you say you are.

Review Pros
  • Free Registration
  • Can Mask your face
  • Clean Organized Site
Review Cons
  • Must register to chat with girls