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The Big Bad Ass Porn Tube Site CaramelBBW

A huge tube site based on BBW’s or big beautiful women. The title infers that it will only have dark skinned women but that is not the case. They do not discriminate, there are BBWs of all races in here. They do supply us with a great amount of black big beautiful women though. If you like big girls with massive heavy hanging tits, big firm tits, and really huge asses, this is a great site for you. They gathered together thousands of videos in 120 categories.

The site is nice and clean with a black background which is very easy on the eyes. You can easily get to whatever niche of big women that you want and whack away to your heart’s content! One of my favorite sections of the site, which you don’t see so often on BBW sites is the Teen section. It does have quite a bit of chubby girls rather than bbw’s but it also has a nice size of big BBW girls. Personally I love chubby girls. In my experience they love cock and can get very freaky. But if that is not your thing not to worry there are so many more categories to choose from and explore here.

CaramelBBW Bonus Content

There is no real bonus content to this site because it is already a free tube site with all videos and no pictures. The only bonus if you want to count it as a bonus are 100 links at the bottom of the page leading to recommended other sites. Also in addition to the thumbnails with the category name under each one there is a very nice alphabetical list below the 120 thumbnail categories to go precisely where you want to go on the site. There are also links at the top left with a link to a dating site and a dvd download site. Not really a bonus but somewhere to go when you are done with this site perhaps.

The Best of CaramelBBW

There are thousands of videos on this site of every possible niche within the BBW realm. If you are into big butts, big tits, gangbangs, teens, milfs or pretty much anything else its all here. Bookmark this site when you are in the mood for some big girl sex action. The BBC area was especially fun to check out as you can tell that the women in the videos love being pounded by some big black cock and the studs love those huge jiggly asses. The biggest section and something that could very easily be a massive site unto its own is the BBW category.

It has its share of caramel colored women but also women of every color and they do it all. It boasts 48,3347 videos! I mean come on thats almost half a million videos. Enough for anyone to watch just this channel for years and be super happy if you love big women! The search feature is always a plus for me when it works the way it is supposed to. I did several searches with different search terms and they were all successful with what I was looking for. The videos are loaded from other sites so the quality varies but most are pretty good quality.

The Worst of CaramelBBW

It’s actually a bbw lover’s dream with the sheer amount of videos and categories to choose from. There is not much negative about the site besides to say that the videos cannot be saved and they all load from other sites. But the good thing is that they load rather quickly and open in another window so its easy to go back to where you started.

Another bad thing is that there is no way to favorite the videos that you like the best. A lot of the videos are not very good quality because they are pulled from so many different sites. In defense of this site they have no control over the videos. Its a bad thing but not so bad that I would not want to come back and check out some of the videos that are in fact awesome. I mean since there are over a half million videos you will never tire of finding good stuff.

The Bottom Line about CaramelBBW

This is a very high quality site and with so many videos to choose from you cannot go wrong bookmarking it and making it one of your go to places to enjoy some hot porn action. These BBW’s really know how to suck and fuck and so much more. If you are into big girls this is the place you want to be. CaramelBBW is a first class video tube site and has a lot to offer for those porn lovers that want to jerk it to some big booty babes and fat girls with massive tits.

IF you are not into big girls give her a try anyway, I really think that you will find a ton of stuff that you will enjoy and will have a great time jerking off to the thousands of videos on this site. With 120 categories and over half a million videos that you can go to its a really good tube site.  I recommend the site and I’ll personally be coming back often making this a destination to enjoy quite often.

Review Pros

  • Thousands of BBWs
  • Free high quality videos
  • Huge tits and ass

Review Cons

  • Can't download videos